Where The Hell Is Matt Is Back Again!

For anyone who loved Matt and his crazy dance around the world the first time, he’s back!  And it’s not just a rehash of the same old dance with more places.  There’s some choreography this time which is really fun, and of course he’s managed to bring this unique dancing joy to a handful of people in very difficult parts of the world.

Particularly poignant for me was the dancing sequence in Syria.  I can only imagine he captured that footage before the country melted down in civil war, and I’m really glad the editor blurred the faces of the women for their protection.  It was also beautiful to see him dancing with a woman in North Korea.  In the last video he only got as far as the demilitarized zone…which, btw, was probably that video’s most poignant footage.

And I was both thrilled and TOTALLY BUMMED to see that he was here in Boise at some point!!  I can’t believe I missed it! Damn.  I would have loved to dance with Matt.  But you can catch him and a whole bunch of other lucky locals dancing on the Boise State University blue football field at around 2:39 if you’re interested.

Thanks again Matt.  You keep pulling us back together again in spite of all the things trying to drive us apart.

P.S.  If you’ve never seen the first video from 2008, here it is.  Prepare to be delighted.