Every Post About Dying Assembled In One Place. Dive Right In.

(This Page Is Currently Under Construction)

In sifting through old posts I realized there’s a bewildering, disorganized, mish mosh of topics back there, difficult to navigate and almost useless if one is looking for anything specific. I mean I created this whole thing, and even I can’t find certain posts when I’m looking for them.

So…since the main purpose of this blog was always to explore the arena of dying, I decided to assemble all the posts about that topic on a single page. Don’t get me wrong, I understand most people don’t love this kind of exploration like I do, so I expect this page will go largely ignored. But it’ll make it a lot easier for me to find what I’m looking for, so it’s a job well worth the effort. Here we go.

Elders and the Strange Gravitational Effect of Final Mystery

A Huge Life In A Tiny Box

Of Troughs, Wombs, Longing and Loss

A-Coming or A-Going

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When Beliefs Change

A Sense of Presence (Can You Feel Me Now?)

Why The Disabled Are Worried About It

Sky Burial

Let’s Have A Chat

The Burden of Miraculous Choices

Teaching Stories and Working With Dying Bodies

Incurable Miracles

The Generosity of Dying

Life Is Like A Trust Fund

“You Are A Long Time Dead”

Dying Is Still Alive

The Linda Series

Buoyancy, A Curious Japanese Ritual, and Admitting Confusion

When Something More Important Than The Parachute Failed

The Death Panel Two-Step

And The Death Panel Two-Step Takes Another Turn Around The Room. Damn.