Sparkles and Shadows


Happy New Year!

First, an update.  My blog is falling apart.  I upgraded last summer to a level way beyond my expertise and now less and less is working with each successive update.  I finally gave up this morning and stuffed an S.O.S. in a bottle for WordPress support staff in the desperate hope they can help me return to my old blog domain.

Please Wizards…I want to go home.   I just want to go home.  (Click heels together three times and repeat.)

Hopefully things will improve soon and I’ll be able to comment on other people’s blogs again!  In the meantime, please keep your toes, eyes, and fingers crossed for me.

On another topic, the hubster and I ran away to the mountains again for the week between Christmas and New Years and spent our afternoons briskly snowshoeing.  I brought my trusty camera phone with me to take pictures but soon abandoned the attempt because it was such a pain to stop, sink my poles, remove my gloves, unzip my jacket and then my pocket, take out the phone with frozen, clumsy fingers, find the camera app, take a picture, then do all the above again in reverse.  Every time.  We were getting nowhere really fast.

Here are the ones I did get.  Nothing that truly captures the beauty of the place (I’m no photographer) but enough to hint.  A high settled in while we were up there so conditions were crystal clear and brutally cold…great for sparkles and shadows.




And, as always, the view out the front door of the cabin.  (Sorry, but I just never get tired of this shot.)


Here’s to the challenges and adventures of the coming year!  Good luck to us all.

copyright Dia Osborn 2013


7 responses

    • I thought I’d go back and see if there were any photos, among other things, in your past. And sure enuf, I found these photos that at one time I thought were gorgeous – and still do. The Rangewriter has nothing on you except maybe a tad more confidence and a bigger? or fancier camera and a wander lust that takes her to places never seen by man or woman before . . . . but you’ll get there. Keep on photoing and traveling…..

      • Well hi there stranger!!!! My heart is so happy to touch keyboard-fingertips with you again! I hope all is well with you? Things have gotten much, much better over here to the point where I’m even starting to feel like writing again. Hallelujah. All my love to you and you beautiful wife. 🙂

  1. No, Bob is correct. The photos are gorgeous. It takes a good eye to capture the essence of the vast beauty up there. I’m always amazed at what some people can accomplish with a cell phone!

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