Quick Note: Another Great Resource for Advance Directives

New resource! Thanks to Loretta over at Chrysalis who left the link in a comment on my last post about Forms and Where To Find Them.

Turns out something like a National Advance Directive Month already exists.  Only it’s a day not a month, and it’s called National Healthcare Decision Day.  You can find out more about it here.  The site is worthy of a look as it has a more comprehensive list of advance directive forms and websites than the one I compiled.  (Including a Psychiatric Advance Directive designed specifically for people dealing with a mental illness. I know, I know.  Who wants more choices!?  But there it is.)

BTW, Loretta has been working with the dying for about twenty-five years and does a great job describing some of the gifts that are also available-but-usually-overlooked at the end of life.  If you’ve got the time and interest, her website is worth a look, too.

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