Terrible Best Buy Commercial(s): “Game on Santa”

(Update:  For those people wondering who the actress is in this commercial, she’s Jama Williamson who has a recurring guest role on Parks and Rec.)

Notice of change:  The holiday is now called Bestbuymas.  (Term comes from Paul in comment 289.  My thanks.)

What in the world was the management of Best Buy thinking here?  This offends me.  It offended the hubster.  It offended Beloved Daughter and her boyfriend.  It offended everyone in our extended family who had to sit and watch it during an otherwise fantastic college football game Thanksgiving night.  They’re actually dissing Santa Claus if you can believe it.  Here…you can watch for yourself:

What strikes me as wrong?

1) The message of the commercial seems to be that Santa Claus…Mr. Spirit of Christmas himself…is now not only inferior to a retail, big box electronics store, but pathetic and unnecessary.

2) It’s like a weirdly inverted Grinch Who Stole Christmas, only this time they’ve turned Mom into the Grinch. Mom. Now that’s twisted.

3)  The woman in the commercial is not only mean to Santa, she doesn’t even like her own dog enough to fill its stocking.  Evidently, only those members of the family who can consume electronics merchandise count in her home.

4)  Santa Claus is the mythical embodiment of generosity, tolerance, and good will to all.  His gifts are free.  Beating up on Santa is like beating up on charity.  Who’s next in the crosshairs?  Toys for Tots?  And worst of all, they’re doing this during an economic downturn when one out of every five children is living in poverty and more than a third of our population is struggling on a low income.  It’s tasteless.

5)  They seem to be championing materialism again.  Did they somehow miss the last three years?

6)  They’re running these commercials during prime time when little kids are watching TV.  I’m glad my kids are grown so I don’t have to explain to them both that I know you love Santa, honey.  Of course, I’ll still let him come to our house. 

Now don’t get me wrong here.  I think Best Buy is a great company.  I like their brand and our family has bought big ticket electronic items from them in the past, with no regrets.  We’d go again in the future, too…but not as long as they’re running this unfortunate ad.  I think they took a big risk here…which I respect, risks are necessary…but I think this time it was a big mistake.  That’s how it struck our family anyway.

Anybody else have an opinion on this one?  I’d be interested to hear what other people think.  (And for those who enjoy this style of humor and disagree with my take on the commercial, here’s an alternative post you’ll probably prefer.  Go and be happy there.  I don’t think any of you are soul-less.  I dislike the commercial, NOT you!)

(Update 2:  And here’s a head’s up from commenter Jen:  After a series of similar themed commercials, Best Buy has now come out with one that may be closer to what  they wanted to convey all along.  At least it seems that way to me.  There’s finally at least a little give and take going on between parties, which makes it look more like a gift giving competition that Mom is trying to win rather than a situation where she’s being intentionally cruel to someone who’s trying to do some good. It sounds a little more like teasing and less like abuse. The name calling still really turns me off, but I get that it’s part of the set up for Santa’s response.  I laughed at the end where she’s giggling.  It’s a big step up from the usual look of contempt. Thanks Jen!)

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  1. I hadn’t been exposed to this little gem. I suppose I will be during the next month. Gag. I’m with you. What happened to scaling back? What happened to looking for the meaning behind Christmas? What happened to giving the difficult gifts…the ones that involve, time, sweat equity, cooking a meal for someone who can’t cook for themselves, buying a doll for a homeless kid? Puey.

    • We find the way they disrespect the idea of Santa Claus is a tragedy. Have you seen the newer one’s? They continue, guess they haven’t heard enough complaints. Thanks for writing this original post.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks these are in bad taste. Nice to see Mom showing kids it’s ok to be disrespectful. I also read below that someone said Santa was a dept store invention. He was actually a generous loving and giving priest. Thank God Christmas isn’t totally lost!!

  2. I can not STAND this commercial! I will not shop at Best Buy this holiday season because of this commercial alone. I get the tongue-in-cheek jab, but at SANTA??? Really? I couldn’t agree more with your what comes next to the chopping block of bad taste? Toys for Tots? Can Best Buy do better than the United States Marine Corps??? I’d like to see that match up. USMC is my pick, hands down. Happy Holidays and keep the spirit moving, no matter what greed fest rears its ugly head at random commercial spots in your day! 🙂

    • Thanks KYB! I’m so glad to know I’m not alone on this one…the comments I’ve seen on this one are almost universally bad. I can’t believe they’re still running the thing. Perhaps, they’ll realize that whatever they were shooting for originally is not happening and pull it. That would be a great holiday gift!

    • I agree! They have crossed the line and have lost me as a customer for life. I think more people should do the same no matter how good their sale may be!

    • Yes, I am with you. I’ve been so offended by these ads, wondering what marketing idiot thought they were a good idea. They are terrible, and have totally turned me off to Best Buy.

  3. Hi! Came across your blog from Google. I agree, the Santa ad is terrible. #7 the main character, “mum” is not very sympathetic. I shudder whenever this ad comes on. Although, to tell the truth, I hate any ad that uses Santa to sell something, it just feels cheap.

    • Hey, thanks for letting me know how you got here. I always wonder about that. Consensus opinion seems to be pretty negative for this commercial. I’ve cruised around a few Youtube videos people have posted and the comments are almost universally…critical. (That’s an understatement. I didn’t realize that any obscenity at all was permissible in the comment section. It adds quite a bit of spice.) Thanks for the comment and happy holidays!

      • I LOVE these commercials, for the mere fact (or my opinion lol) that the Mom is taking the power back:) I’m completely against parents LYING to their children. It’s absolutely appalling to me that parents can look their children in the eye and continuously lie to them and make them look like fools in front of other people and on top of that, they get upset when older children tell their children the TRUTH – that Santa isn’t coming down the chimney and he isn’t giving them presents. I’m sure that SOME of the same people that are complaining about the materialism (which I’m not a fan of either) are the same people that condone lying to their children. What’s wrong with having good parents and real examples of giving and meaning??

      • Suzanne, I’m 28 years old and I believe in Santa, and I will say that with a straight face. The year I learned Santa had my mom’s handwriting I looked him up in the Encyclopedia Britannica. I never felt lied to. I felt like that Santa proved it’s better to give than to receive, because first you have the idea of this guy who gives presents and expects nothing in return. Then you learn your parents who had to work really hard to scrape together the money for that Super Nintendo didn’t even take credit for it in favor for retaining holiday magic. So the year after I caught my parents, I didn’t tell them. I started leaving presents I made for Santa because it was better to give than to receive. And my parents never officially told us Santa didn’t exist. They knew we figured it out, but my parents are big into the magic too. If anyone told me Santa wasn’t real, I felt sorry for them for losing their Christmas spirit. My younger brothers still believe in Santa, too, and we’re not the only ones we know who still do.

        I believe in Santa. I know there is no real man, but the idea is that magic and kindness prevails in the holiday season, and it’s better to give than to receive. And none of that is a lie.

    • The entire concept of Santa was invented by a Department store. Before that time, Santa Claus didn’t exist in this country or anywhere else. So, just to keep the record straight – Santa has ALWAYS been used to sell things.

      • Here’s the research. The Santa Claus that we know today was developed by an illustrator for Coca-Cola. After that, Department Stores started bringing in Santas to draw in the public for shopping.

        “Archie Lee of the D’Arcy Advertising Agency proposed a realistic, modern appearing Santa Claus with red cheeks and wrinkled face, but appearing vital and young, for Coca Cola. This image was painted in oil by a commercial illustrator Hadden H.Sundblom, starting with the 1931 holiday promotion. The original model was Lou Prentice, a retired salesman who died shortly thereafter. This is the Santa Claus we know today.”

      • Actually, the red suited Santa is a commercialization. The character was derived from Sinterklaas/Saint Nicholas. Google it for more background info.

        As for lying to children, no worse off than the fictional story of some baby born in a manger on December 25th from a virgin.

    • Thank you fro your statement and I fully agree with you. We have moved the season from giving gifts to celebrate our faith “Christmas, to the giving of gifts based upon the symbols of the season of giving, Santa, Kris Kringle, ST Nicholas and the joy and imagination of people every where. Remove the faith, the symbols, the hopes and dreams of people and all you are left with is a dull and dark hole. Best Buy needs to remember take away the meaning of this season and you have no season and no reason to buy.
      As for others who have commented on your blog, before thing Santa was created by the economy, do historical study of the various titles Santa goes by and for the woman who thinks teaching your children about a person named Santa teaches a lie. Is imagination a lie? Are known Laws of Science a lie? For those that believe in Christmas and the symbols of this season, does not a little Santa live in each of them when they see their children are children who may not have, open a gift bought by a caring person.
      I run a business and Best Buy lost about 6000.00 of my business this season and more in the seasons to come because of their ads.

      • Well said. I also think of the Santa tradition as a time when we get to take a break from requiring children to enter into the grow-up world of “reality” and instead enter into their world of imagination and magic. My parents did it for us and none of us felt lied to. Quite to the contrary we turned right around and did it again with all our children, who are currently doing it with their children in turn. I understand that some people feel they’d be lying in which case it’s perfectly appropriate that they refrain with their own kids. But it’s narrow and unrealistic to claim that their belief should also be everyone else’s.

        And good for you for putting your money where your mouth is! They lost about $500 of our Christmas funds this year, too.

      • I called “Best” Buy about these commercials. They are so distasteful, to say the least. I urge everyone else to call and complain.

        1-888-BEST BUY

  4. I stumbled across this whilst trying to find the name of the actress in the commercial. All I can say is that I think you’re taking it just a BIT too seriously. You’re holding Santa up on a god-like pedestal. A present is a present whether or not it’s given by your parents or a weird old mythical man, and everybody finds out he’s not real at some point. They don’t even imply that he isn’t real in the commercial. Just my two cents. 🙂

    • Actually, I wasn’t criticizing Best Buy for saying that Santa wasn’t real. That’s about the only thing I appreciated about the commercial…that it DIDN’T say that Santa wasn’t real. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate a variety of views!

      • You do realize that Christmas is about Christ, not Santa? It’s quite strange that you are so offended by Best Buy offending Santa (a make believe symbol of propaganda and materialism). Please remember the reason for the season (and lighten up!).

      • Hey Michael…I think it’s Jama Williamson. From Wikipedia: “She has made regular guest appearances on the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation as Wendy Haverford, the ex-wife of regular character Tom Haverford…” Hope that helps!

      • I just noticed you answered this, too! You must have put it up while I was still researching who she was. Thanks. And btw, Harry Potter is brilliant.

    • I’m with you Kimberly. Come on, it’s only a commercial and the best that can be said for ANY commercial is that they give you time to go to the restroom.
      Y’all enjoy your families

      • I have to disagree. I am the mother of two kids, 8 & 6. I LOVE this commercial. I take if for what it is…FUNNY….you really ought to lighten up or turn off the TV. The entire day is FILLED with commercialism. This commercial just happens to be funny and light hearted. I as a grown up, (42 yrs old) understand that Santa is not real. Heck I have a friend who never gives the kids BIG gifts from Santa because she does not want him (Santa) getting the credit for HER gifts. LOL.

        Lighten up people, this is a funny commercial.

      • Trampling on peoples traditions or cultures are never funny, rather it be for commercialism or fun, it ranks in the same hate arena as racism.
        As for your friend who demands the credit for the gifts, it is easy to see that for her it is not about the season, but it is about the praise that she will get from her children, another word for this is narcissism. For her she would receive more praise from her children if she skipped Christmas and gave gifts to her children on Mother’s Day rather than expecting to receive them on that her special day.

    • From your comment I would guess that you are the target audience of this advertisement. Santa represents the gift of giving. Unfortunately money, greed and commercialism has all but destroyed the true intent and history of St. Nicholas. Sa sad. Thousands of children in this world could really use a Santa in today’s world. I didn’t see Best Buy handing out presents to children at the local mission, did you?

      • Why are people not looking at the perspective of the Family worked their freaking butts off this holiday season and the mom was so proud to be able to challenge “Santa” who gives the kids the gifts. Why not for once could santa not actually exist under the tree, and instead all of the gifts were given from actual humans?

      • Great question Cameron. From what I’ve read that’s the basic idea that Best Buy was actually trying to convey–that Mom deserves a lot of credit for all the work she puts into making Christmas great. I don’t think anybody objects to mothers getting the credit if that’s how they want to structure it. We all adore moms, too. The problem is that the commercial mom was cruel and dismissive to Santa in order to get her credit, and for a lot of people (not everyone clearly but a LOT) Santa is a deeply beloved figure who is still very real in our imaginations and hearts, albeit not in the physical world. Best Buy could have made a commercial about thrilled kids adoring and thanking Mom for the great gifts she gave them without trying to destroy a cherished tradition into the bargain. I hope you have a great holiday season!

  5. I was so disheartened when I saw this commercial. It is utterly tasteless and a sad statement of fact regarding corporate greed. I understand that businesses need to make money to continue, but to take something so beloved and traditional and usurp it with something so base as
    “overspending” when many cannot make it, is just pathetic. The spirit of Christmas is fading. Not only with commercials such as this one, but with the nation’s need to “not offend anyone”. We have basically lost our own identity in the pursuit of not stepping on toes.

    With all that said. I hope you all have a “VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS” with simplicity and family.

    • I think the whole idea was to promote “underspending”, no? Wasn’t the purpose of the ad to show that best buy has many items UNDER $100.00? If you really wanted to be critical aren’t all commercials sort of “tacky and baseless”? She’s happy that she was able to buy enough presents for her family that santa had no room to put his bounty in the stockings…would it have been more Christmassy if her apartment was bare and the stockings empty? Don’t understand the criticism of this particular commercial, all commercials at their root are baseless…that’s why I pvr EVERYTHING so I can skip them.

      • Oh! So that’s the main message they were trying to get across with this commercial? I totally missed it (as did…it sounds like from the majority of the comments so far…almost everyone else.) I think their original intention may have been lost in execution…the commercial really comes across as attacking/demeaning a cherished holiday tradition which, on a purely practical level, is probably not the most effective means of promoting sales either. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Best Buy conference room next year when they go over the numbers to find out how effective their ad campaign was. I suspect this will have hurt their sales overall, but that’s just guessing. I envy you your DVR! Best to you and yours this season…

      • You do sort of have a point, but then when i thought about it, the mother was RUDE about it o.O
        Had a, yea, i dont need you, attitude.
        It just made me sad =/

  6. It was in very poor taste and at Santa’s expense. Best Buy made a really bad move in my opinion. I do get the whole tongue in cheek thing too, but using it in this scenario?? It was truly awkward. Best Buy better watch out, cause I am suspecting they are going to get a lump of coal.:)

  7. I just saw Best Buy’s second “Game On” spot. It’s equally as mean-spirited. This one has the mom downing Santa’s milk while she glares at him with challenge in her eyes. I’m really not the type to complain about this sort of thing so it says a lot that I searched for a place to vent on the net. I’ve left comments on Best Buy’s Facebook page telling them how wrong-headed the campaign seems. It’s sad, sad, sad. (and I won’t spend a dime, dime, dime at BB this Holiday season)
    My best to you and yours,


    • They have another one?!! Now I’m really depressed.
      I’m not usually one to complain about this kind of thing either, but this just really got under my skin.
      I hope you and your loved ones have a great holiday!

      • I have seen three Game On, Santa commercials. In the third one, Santa Claus is so blown away by the quality of the picture from the big screen TV that he cannot blame Horrible Jaded Mother for leaving no room for him. I suppose his acquiescence in this part of the series softens the blow from the look on his face when she eats his cookie. But the fact remains: electronics are the only way to make Christmas worthwhile this year. Its disgusting! The spirit of Christmas is irrelevant when compared with “a great deal”. ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT MONEY!!!

  8. Awful commercial, as if we needed a reason not to do business with Best Buy other than their horrible customer service (currently rated at 44.4 out of 200 on customerservicescoreboard.com).

    • I’ve never actually dealt with their customer service other than a return here or there, which went smoothly. Bummer that they have trouble there, too. (Besides their choice of Christmas advertising that is.) Enjoy!

  9. Congrats… you’re the first search result I found when I typed in this ad. : ) What I thought when I saw this ad was “She really emasculated Santa.” Him being a patriarch figure symbolized a vibe of female dominance. At least that’s what I took away from it.

    • Good insight. Someone else mentioned that it followed a trend in advertising where men are often belittled by women in commercials. I’ve found the whole thing offensive myself. I can only imagine how much more so you men must feel. I hope you have a great holiday season!

  10. I am relieved to see my family was not the only one to feel horrible after seeing these commercials. If Best Buy was seeking a “shock-n-awe” sensational ad, I’d say they succeeded. If Best Buy was looking for potential customers to purchase gifts during this joyful and generous time of year… FAIL. As a mother I am offended by the portrayal of the mean spirited mom figure. As an American I am offended by the materialistic domination (although not surprised) over Good Will. My kids still leave cookies out for Santa, so they were very confused to see the mom being mean to him.
    And I did feel sad for the little dog, too.

  11. In agreement about these horrendously offensive commercials. Have decided not to go to Best Buy this year as a result. I am Santa in my house and this upset both myself and my children.
    Epic Fail Best Buy.

  12. I would like these anti-Santa commercials removed from television! I am an elementary school principal. It is bad enough that our students are exposed/surrounded/bombarded by multiple sources of sarcastic and smart ass (pardon the phrase but it is so appropriate for this issue) verbage, but to add one of the most positive icons is inappropriate and disgusting. Yes, let’s have a MOTHER/guardian give Santa grief about where he is to place a toy. How cool is that! That’s MY sarcasm. What in the world is BEST BUY thinking? I can’t wait to hear my Kindergarten students ask questions and talk about how “funny” this commercial is. My niece has already made a comment–“why is that mom being so mean to Santa and why did she stay up to see him?” Please someone do something. I will not be purchasing anything from this store again.

    • Get a grip. She is having some friendly competition with Santa. THAT is all. I mean whos gives the best gifts? It is funny and I am sorry if it brings to light that Christmas has become so commercialized. FACT: It is a commerical holiday. I mean Santa is not Christian. Christmas is about JESUS. Gifts are given to symbolize the Three Wise Men. SO it has gotten out of hand…I guess Best Buy is running an ANTI Christmas campaign on YOUR behalf then and on THEIR dime too. Kudos to Best Buy!!

      • St.Nicholas is a saint in the Catholic Church. His saint day is actually December 6, the day you posted that he wasn’t Christian. He’s very Christian! Just because Coca-Cola decided to make a commercialized image of him in the 1930’s, doesn’t make him not Christian. Please read up on him – the name Santa Clause is based on the name St. Nicholas in a foreign language. If you have any education in any foreign language you might see the similarity with Santa meaning Saint like “Santa Maria” (Saint Mary) or “Santa Cruz” (Saintly Cross) or anything else like that and Clause being Nicholas. Just because St. Nicholas has been commercialized in American culture doesn’t mean that other cultures don’t celebrate him as a Saint in other ways.


        Also, I would agree that these commercials are in terrible taste. I don’t need Christmas to be competitive or snarky or bitter or all about expensive electronic gifts.

  13. I thought it was just me. I googled “why is Best Buy Dissin Santa” and came upon your blog. I agree with most on this blog. Sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have a gift certificate for Best Buy and it will be like pulling teeth to go in there and buy something now after this add campaign.

  14. Uh…let’s not forget that Christmas is NOT about Santa…Best buy is only doing what Santa has been doing – Commercialize a religious Holiday.

  15. Funny, a lot of hand wringing over Santa getting dissed, but not one person except George has even mentioned that the “deeper meaning of Christmas” is NOT Santa…

    • Actually, Christmas pretty much has to have more more than one deeper meaning since its a national, cultural holiday as a well a religious one. Everyone has to figure out what to do while the entire country shuts down for observance, and I think it says a lot about us as a nation that, in spite of such a wide variety of different religious beliefs, we’ve collectively chosen to turn the season into a time for generosity, good will, and good works anyway. (Commercial creep notwithstanding.) For many people, Santa is a figure that’s deeply entwined in that whole spirit of charity, thinking of others, loving gentleness, children and family, joy, generosity, and miracles that come in the night…which is probably why there’s been such a negative emotional reaction to the commercial. I imagine anyone who doesn’t feel that particular kind of connection with him would be a little confused by the furor. 🙂

  16. Dia, not to beat a dead horse, but it appears that at least for the short term, the ad was quite successful…I am a Canadian, but I did read that Best Buy raked in huge sales on the black friday…I THINK that I read it on a yahoo article, but the major reason they did so was because they had all these items under $100.00 or at least aggressively priced. If you notice at the beginning of the commercial I believe it starts in the store and the Best Buy salesperson tells the mom that all these items were under $100 blah blah blah…I don’t necessarily love the commercial, I just don’t see it as big as an abomination as the rest, just more of the same, an advertiser trying to stand out…but google Best Buy and Black Friday sales and you may find the article or at least some data that I referred to above. Hope you all have a great holiday season

    • was it the ad that was successful or the deals they were offering? the snarky commercial obviously offended a certain part of the population, but even that wouldn’t stop me from shopping at midnight on thanksgiving if i was really into the black friday shopping deal. (which i’m not, but i get why people do it.) 200 bucks for a 42 inch screen flat panel? come on. that sells itself. no need for snide mom.

      • Kind of chicken and egg isn’t it? I am sure that their marketing dept will tell you that it was not a coincidence that they set records while the ad that promoted such deals was running (last year apparently they got skunked) and I am sure that you will say that they could’ve done better had the ad been done differently…I am not even sure that I like the ad, I only ended up here trying to figure out who the cute mom was :-), but I can see the advertisers working here, ma was proud that she outdid santa with a bunch of discounted electronics-I don’t like it, but I wasn’t offended. Great site though, I will definitely check out more of it.

    • From the Great White North eh? 🙂 My husband and I love it up there…you’ve got some truly breathtaking country.
      I imagine the commercial must have had a beneficial effect for Best Buy after all if it was a record breaker sales day on Friday. Oh well. On the one hand I hate to see an advertising campaign like that rewarded, but then on the other hand I don’t wish the company any ill. (I just wish I didn’t have to deal with that freaking commercial anymore.) I read an article somewhere that said the ad was intended to appeal to moms who evidently bear disproportionate power over the spending of Christmas funds.
      Honestly though, I never expected this much of a response when I wrote the post. I was just irritated and venting but I guess it tapped a bigger nerve. It’s been fun but I’m about ready to get back to writing on my usual topic.
      Best to you and yours Justin

  17. Sorry, I forgot the commercial when I saw the puppy. What kind of dog was that? I know, I should be outraged but has anyone really looked at what’s on TV lately. Yikes, it’s pretty much a cesspool anyway, this was small potatoes. At least mom had clothes on and wasn’t holding a drink or sporting a tattoo. For those so outraged about it they’ve decided to not go to Best Buy, thanks, I was in there this morning and it was smooth sailing.

  18. I have been searching the internet for the Corporate Headquarters email to complain about these commercials. These disgust me and appall me thoroughly. They are not funny in the slightest. They kind of made me sick to my stomach to watch. Thank God my kids are grown up because I would be madder than you know what if they were at that age of “awe” with Santa. This world has become greedy, mean and uncaring of others. Sad…..just sad.

  19. I agree with you these are very inappropriate commercials to air, especially during family viewing time. It offended me, made my 6 year old cry, annoyed my pretween and teen, and my husband, who is normally a Best Buy fan, thought it was ridiculous, rude, and really cruel! Glad to know that Best Buy thinks it’s consumers are all evil, twisted moms who have to one up someone and don’t love their pets. I also hate how I have to run to the TV to turn the ad off when it comes on.
    You were one of the first posts on Yahoo search to come up when I searched for comments on this ad, the next thing I’m going to do is write the shows that air this ad during their shows.

  20. wow……its just a commercial, yall are really going to let a commercial keep you from shopping somewhere? i have kids and i stil thought this commercial was funny. i guess some people are just wayyyyyy to sensitive.

    • Yeah, well you are apparently not that educated, so I can see how this would be funny to you. Your entire thought process and grammar speaks a good bit about you. Imagine them airing commercials that belittle women and imply that women are far inferior than men in researching and buying quality electronics. According to you, you would blissfully go skipping into the store buying up merchandise. lol. At least there are still customers like you who are thoughtless and insensitive to others so that big companies like this can keep making profits… Way to go!

  21. Urgh, that one is nasty! It’s not so much Santa’s feelings that I’m worried about, although I get that children who really believe in him would be offended. What irks me is the concept of being mean to anyone just because his gift is not as glitzy/precious/expensive/hip/…[insert your own adjective].
    And what’s with the ‘under 100 $’ thing? Are people really spending up to 100 $ for one person??!! In my family, for years we have had the policy that only the kids get gifts, and the value is usually less than 10 Euros/Pounds (about 15 $). If there is a gift that is worth more, we usually get 2 parties together (like all my grandparents) and they purchase it together. Mind you, we are thankfully not super poor, but materialism is something that I would like to avoid teaching my kid at all costs 😉

  22. Thank you so much for this blog! This commercial makes me angry, disgusted, and sad. This is the antithesis of the entire holiday season and its deeper meaning to ALL people of faith – let alone those who celebrate Jesus. How can it be that Christmas is now about “beating” Santa? I tried to write to their corporate headquarters and it got kicked back to me to call customer service. So, Santa is in your living room trying to give your family special hand-made gifts to celebrate Christmas, and you’re going to belittle his gift and make fun of him? What soul-less ad exec thought this piece of crap up? Well, my friends, if you care about this as much as I do, let’s all post this blog on our Facebook pages and let it go viral. Maybe some bad press will do the trick. Happy Holidays! Enjoy life, food, family, and faith together!!!

  23. I have kids and oh my goodness, these commercials made me LAUGH! They’re so funny. The idea that mom is able to find such good deals that there’s no need for Santa to come . . . maybe you all just didn’t get it? It’s not mean-spirited, it’s just funny.

    The truth is that there will be gifts under my tree and I’m pretty sure there will be gifts beneath your tree too and I don’t think I’m missing the deeper meaning of Christmas. People can and do go overboard, but gift-giving is a special part of the holiday for sure! The commercial just highlights getting a good deal.

    Also, LOL about the person who said that the lady hates her dog. What on earth?

    • I’m with you Stacey. I am a fan of sarcasm, and even if my 7&2 year old did believe in Santa I would explain the meaning of TV and commercials. That’s my job! Thanks Best Buy for keeping Parenting at work.

  24. I agree with you and this commercial makes sad. I created a member facebook page called Leave Santa Alone Best Buy. I attached this link. Thanks!

  25. I am glad you posted this. These Best Buy commercials are just mean spirited and frankly out of touch with the Holiday Spirit. Each time the ad runs I get a little bummed out. Is this where we’re headed as a society? I really hope not. And Best Buy suits, if you are paying attention, count me out as a disappointed consumer. Yuck.

  26. I read this and thought it was a joke, sarcastically done, but after reading the comments and finding that the commercial I’ve been searching for on Youtube has been removed, I guess it’s serious business. I actually saw the commercial for the first time yesterday and rewinded it about five times because it was so hilarious. Brought tears to my eyes, I laughed so hard. That anyone could take a joke so far as to say it discredits and craps on a fictional character based on the promotion of the materialistic consumption of this society in the first place is even funnier than the commercial. Strangely sad too. Because Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Moms DO buy gifts, some even electronic (gasp). Best Buy sells them, and again, Santa Claus doesn’t exist. But what do I know. Apparently I have to be a parent and celebrant of ye old great Christmas to understand. Best Buy, if you’re watching: superb job, and I’m not so sure you should’ve bent so easily. Run your commercial.

    • I feel exactly the same way. I can’t believe anyone got offended by this commercial, especially when there are things in this world worth actually finding offensive. I can’t imagine how all these people handle the rest of the world.

    • My favorite part of christmas used to be how magical it was. And i know that parents love being able to share this feeling with their children. Why else encourage the belief in santa?

      The point is, sure, it may have been hilarious to you, an adult. But the fact is that children are going to see that commercial. Children don’t really understand that humor. I havent seen a single comment on here saying that any child found it amusing. They found it confusing, or it made them sad.

      So go ahead and laugh it up while some child is confused and upset, it just proves that you DO have to be a parent or celebrate christmas to understand. -.-

    • I’m glad there are still some people out there who have a little more practical view of Santa and the distraction from Christ that Christmas has become. We don’t worship Santa during Christmas and my grown children have always known the truth about him. I find the commercials funny. It disturbs me much more to see how American fathers are portrayed in commercials during the rest of the year, and they are the real reason Santa has such a good reputation!

  27. I agree with your comments. I was so disappointed that our newest generation of global marketers would think that its ok to limelight bullies. This commercial insults me and the family tradition of Santa.

    • Dia, I understand why you posted the commercial, it has provided you with a lot of content for your site, but I hope that even you are a little surprised by this over reaction. Don’t like the commercial? Sure, I get that but an insult and people wanting to boycott and lead protests? IOr my personal fave are these parents whose kids are allegedly crying during these commercials. Crying. Really? Really? Are you sure we aren’t exaggerating just a LITTLE? Far be it from me to tell anybody how to parent BUT if your child is moved to tears during this commercial, then you need to turn off the TV and sit your little one down and have a chat because these commercials are not running on the family channel and chances are you are watching a show that contains content that is probably not age appropriate for your child in the first place. Second, if it concerns you this much, then you should pause the tv and use the moment as a teaching moment, but also explain to them that it is obviously a joke (just like the truck that acts as landing gear for an airplane in that commercial). Let’s keep it in perspective.

      • Hey Justin…thanks for pitching in with a counter-perspective. I actually prefer a variety of opinions but unfortunately titled the post with an obvious bias which has probably acted as a filter. I suspect that’s why most of these comments have been weighted towards agreeing with my dislike of the commercial.
        Honestly, when I wrote this I didn’t think many people would read it. My primary blog topic is about dying and the years I worked with hospice so my readership is generally fairly limited, as I’m sure you can imagine. 🙂 But I saw the commercial, took a strong dislike to it, searched around for other comments to see if it bothered anyone else and, when I couldn’t find much, wrote a blog post just to blow off steam. Turns out it has generated a lot of hits…which is kind of fun of course…but it’s also badly skewing my overall stats, so it’s something of a mixed blessing.
        One thing I’ve learned from all this is that Santa Claus clearly means very different things to different people. He seems to be a symbol of commercialism and greed for some, generosity and good will for others, and a non-entity for still others. It sounds like he may represent commercialism more than generosity for you in which case your disgust actually makes a lot of sense to me. I’m no fan of the kind of flagrant commercialism that permeates this season either.
        However, he represents something quite different to me. My parents used the whole Santa Claus tradition to teach us kids important lessons about generosity, good will, magic, and sacrifice, as well as how to manage some of our baser emotions like greed, disappointment, and envy. They’re lessons I continue to draw on in my 50’s which is, I suppose, why my response has been so different from yours. I suspect we might actually share a number of views on what’s most important, but because of different backgrounds we wound up seeing this particular commercial from opposite perspectives.
        I do disagree with you on one thing though. I wouldn’t ridicule or make a child wrong for feeling upset about this commercial any more than I would if they cried when Bambi’s mother is shot. Children need to be respected for the things that are meaningful to them just as much as adult do. Also, we saw these commercials for the first time on Thanksgiving while the entire family was watching football. At least early on they weren’t being limited solely to shows with adult content.
        Thanks again for taking the time to comment Justin, and best of the season to you and all your loved ones!

      • Merry Christmas to you and yours as well Dia. I didn’t mean ridicule the child, I am saying that, at least here, the shows that this particular commercial is running during are not exactly age appropriate for a child that is moved to tears. Really, for a child to be that upset I have to assume they are 5-6-7 age, and the shows that I am seeing this commercial on are mostly not shows for that age group. I am quite serious when I say use it as a teaching moment, because let’s face it, at least where my kid goes to school, maybe HALF the school has a belief in Christ or Christmas, hence the term HAPPY HOLIDAYS and and not MERRY CHRISTMAS-I think you are right, we probably agree on most things…I guess I just don’t offend easily and am able to see the humor…jeesh, have you seen our money and our idiot Prime Minister??? BTW, you are a princess for having worked with the sick and dying, it is/was good work you were doing, so many times our sick and elderly are just pushed aside when they have outlived their usefulness, take care!!

  28. I completely agree with everything you wrote. This commercial is offensive, and I will no longer be shopping at Best Buy and will be returning the gifts I got there on Black Friday. I do not want to put my money into the economy of a company who thinks this is a good ad campaign. The mother is one of the most unlikable commercial personalities. And you are so right about their taking it a notch further to make her a thoughtless dog owner. She gets off on dissing Santa and ignoring her dog, who apparently is the only member of of her family who IS Santa worth. Pitiful. You have to wonder about people who come up with kind of cynical ad campaign. Probably people without children or pets.

  29. I agree with all that is sad, the fact they keep showing these commercials makes me to smack that grin of that heffa’s face.

    First off Santa, delivers toys to kids all over the world this heffa bought some crap at best buy. To keep showing these commercials is a travesty to all during the holiday seasons. I am boycotting BestBuy i have too much integrity to support a company who would constantly diss santa.

    I know marketing and if they were going for shock, they got it, however many people who have more traditional values, will boycott that store. It sends the complete wrong message.

    BoyCott Bestbuy

  30. I totally agree, and actually searched for comments online to see if my opinion was shared. My seven year-old son is offended and has said he does not want to go into Best Buy because of this Santa dissing commercial. I know they say any publicity is good publicity but in this case I don’t think Best Buy is doing itself any favors. It has just created a strong negative brand recognition in me and my family.

  31. This is interesting. Apparently you have solved all of the world’s problems and have time to be morally outraged at a commercial that I am sure I have seen 100 times, but does not stick out to me in the least.

    I mean, you know Santa isn’t real right? You are upset that a fake morbidly obese home invader got his feelings hurt.

  32. My gosh, the uproar this little commercial has come to. The commercial was first brought to my attention last week and honestly, I am one of those mortified parents that is wondering what marketing genius would think that trying to phase Santa out of an already greedy, commercialized holiday was a smart route to take. I have been completely bashed by agreeing with other consumers who feel the same way I do because Santa isn’t real. Yes, I am not my son and I realize Santa isn’t real, but to my son that magic still exists. It is hard enough these days to try and help your children hold on to that magic that will one day be lost and yearned for without the help of a huge electronics company looking for nothing more than the almighty dollar. So yes, I say proudly that this commercial was done with such poor taste and I did not find it funny whatsoever. But, it is my opinion just as others are entitled to theirs. It doesn’t make one side any more “delusional” and “ignorant” than the other, which is the immediate response I get when I “Like” someone’s opinion on Best Buy’s Facebook page that I share. Best Buy got what they wanted regardless though…attention.

  33. Seriously? Get over it. These commercials are hilarious. What’s funny, I suppose, is the spirit of Christmas isn’t about Santa period. How many of you bought a WII for your kid, or a Nintendo DS? I bought my kid an iPod a couple of years ago, and didn’t want it coming from ‘Santa’ because I feel parents have blown Christmas morning expectations up so high with the gifts that ‘Santa’ leaves, it leaves parents in the poorhouse. The idea of Santa and Christmas was never meant to out-perform the year before…when I was a kid, it was a toy or two, and family time and the true meaning of Christmas, which is the gift of Christ…not a parent out-doing Santa.

    • I agree about the materialism and I also agree about Santa. I happen to LOVE these commercials though…..for the mere fact that it portrays the mom taking power back. I strongly disagree with parents LYING to their children. Telling children that a present is from “Santa” is a LIE. And ALOT of these people are arguing over a commercial representing materialism??!!! Umm, that is their business (to make money and keep the economy going). Is it a parents business to deceive their children and make them look like fools in front of everyone?? And I’m sure these same parents are punishing their children if they ever lie to the parent.

  34. I mute this commercial every time I see it come on. It is just depressing and sad. It does not make anyone feel like they should feel this time of year especially when most are struggling to find the spirit as it is in this economy. I am sorry they stooped this low and I also am glad my children are grown and hope my grandson never sees this.
    tsk tsk Best Buy..honestly this commercial sux!

  35. I am all for using commercials to promote your companies products and sales. But WHY did they choose to have this mother talk to Santa SO RUDELY AND DISRESPECTFULLY? They could have had her and Santa celebrate together the fact that she was able to find great prices, and as a result was able to fill her families stockings. WOW! This ad left me SPEEEEEECHLESS!!!! Wish they would have used the two of theem being happy and celebrating TOGETHER. Since Christmas is supposed to be about kindness and peace just thought this was definately the wrong way to go. There are too many other things Best Buy could have done to be in the SPIRIT

  36. I have sent the following letter to Best Buy….

    Did you ever think about younger children when you created the anti-Santa advertisements this year? Creating this parent vs Santa ad campaign has created some confusion in my 3 year old…she asks why that mommy doesn’t like Santa, and why she would be eating Santa’s cookies. There are so few moments that children still truly get to be children, in these hard times, they need to keep the youth they are given. Obviously your marketing interests are not in young children, nor the parents of such. Please, rethink the “Game on, Santa” ad campaign.
    Thank you,
    Rebecca James

  37. Funny as hell…I love the commercials!!! I have 7 kids ages 16months to 15 yrs old.& NONE of them believe in santa claus….really Santa & elves?? GTFOH!!! My kids think the commercials are hilarious too…..parents DESERVE the Christmas credit not some fat dude in a shiny suit. U go best buy, I know where i’m shopping for Christmas…Game On Santa…LOL. Oh yea, this holiday is about the birth of our savior Jesus Christ so the fat guy gets no love in my house.

  38. I just emailed Best Buy expessing the same feelings you posted. I then Googled “horrible Best Buys commercial” just to see if I was the only one who felt this way and found your site. Well stated and presented!

  39. My family believes in the fact that this holiday is about the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ but I’m sorry the “fat guy” is not irreverent – families can believe and have traditions that include both church and thankgsgiving on Christmas Eve and Santa on Christmas Day. This commercial is disrespectful to the majority of America that include Santa in our family traditions. This is not something that is new or generational, this is America and for Best Buy to “dawg” on Santa is just not right. It will come into play in my Christmas shopping It is teaching that it’s ok to taunt someone who is being nice – it is just wrong. And everytime I see it I get more upset at Best Buy!

  40. I am a Christian, loved Santa as a kid. He is materialism. Anyone who has there kids accepting television as reality is not a responsible parent. BTW, it is Jesus’ birth that needs celebrating. I do wish that is included in your children’s magical memories. Have a merry Christmas all!
    J. Kip Crowley

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  42. My wife and I were discussing these commercials last night during SNF and we are both turned off by them. I believe they are in very poor taste and wish they would drop the ad campaign for something more tasteful.

  43. I will not shop at Best Buy anymore due to these commercials. How do I let them know? Not that they’ll care since they obviously have no soul.

  44. I don’t think it is worth boycotting BestBuy, but the commercial leaves a bad taste in my mouth too. Although I love that actress and Thanks for all the discussion in which I was finally able to figure out where I had seen her before. Merry Christmas to all!

  45. I think that Best Buy is tasteless against Santa and Dogs. The woman in the commercial was dissing Santa and animals…Children watch these commercials how can Best Buy be so heartless.

  46. Found your blog post when I Googled “don’t like best buy commercials.” When I was 2 and asked why there was a Santa at both malls, my parents didn’t make an effort to keep the magic alive so I can’t recall ever believing in Santa. I decided I was an atheist in middle school. Gifts were always a disappointment because I would find out on Christmas Day that my parents had vetoed everything on my wish list for one reason or another. Needless to say, Christmas isn’t a magical time of year for me.

    Yet, the first time I saw one of those commercials I was filled with dismay that someone would be so rude to Santa. This campaign is a terrible idea and everyone who worked on it should be ashamed of themselves. If they wanted their commercials to stand out from everyone else’s this year they succeeded, but not in a good way. Best Buy could have kept the overall concept without the smug mom rubbing it in Santa’s face.

    Maybe the moms could tell Santa to relax because the gifts are covered or let him know about all the great deals at Best Buy. Why is the message “Game on” when parents and Santa are supposed to be playing on the same team?

    • Kelly– Interesting comment. You’re the first person who’s left one that doesn’t have a strong attachment to the “magic of Christmas” but still didn’t like the commercial. Great ideas for other ways they could have tackled the concept BTW! Thanks.

  47. Can I get an amen?! I’ve been complaining about these commercials to my fiancé since I first saw them (and was first appalled by them) and even recorded one recently to show him how awful they are! You made all the points I’ve been ranting about for the past two weeks. Hear, hear.

  48. I agree completely. I mean seriously, this commercial is about as effective as showing people clubbing baby seals. Best Buy needs to fire their agency.

    • Just because somebody doesn’t like the ads doesn’t mean s/he doesn’t have a sense of humor. It means s/he has a different sense of humor than you do. You know, different tastes and all that. I used to do improv and comedy scene writing for fun, so I know how to laugh and how to make people laugh (usually), but I don’t find the commercials amusing or funny at all.

      Good for you that you and your friends enjoy them.

  49. Our problem is that we have taken Christ out of Christmas. Now we just have a mas. And yes, there WAS a real “Santa Claus”. We’ve just commercialized the heck out of him! His REAL name was St. Nicholas. He was a priest. It’s a wonderful story. Everyone should read up on it!

  50. Best Buy CEO Bradbury Anderson’s Email Address And Phone Number
    By Ben Popken on June 17, 2008 9:19 PM

    —>Bradbury H. Anderson, Vice Chairman & CEO
    Best Buy Co., Inc.
    7601 Penn Avenue South
    Richfield, MN 55423-3645
    Phone: 612-292-2453

    The phone number goes to a secretary, Debby. That’s ok, that’s where these guidelines for dealing with executive customer service come into play.

  51. This commercial isnt tasteless because it attacks Santa but because it is just mean spirited and nasty and has sunk to a new low in crass commercialism. Merry Christmas but if you cant beat the next person, cant give the best gift, you are loser. I know I wont be shopping there.

  52. I e- mailed best buy about this commercial after trying to explain to my 3 yr old grandaughter that the woman wasn’t actually drinking santas milk,for all the good it did,the chain doesn’t seem to care about younger children,they don’t have credit cards.

  53. Horrible! Who’s in charge Best Buy? It’s just all about the money isn’t it. It’s a Wonderful Life? Or it’s a wonderful bank full of money eh? Shame on you Best Buy! I have to buy 100 yes….100 gift cards for clients and customers and I will not buy them from Best Buy and I was told this by others, not my decision alone.

  54. I also was very upset about this !!! I was appalled that they would even air this! That puts “Santa” down like don’t waste his time ???? How she treats him and to give it to the dog !! That’s low , I don’t think it’s funny nor right . It puts a bad taste in my mouth Abd even my kids were upset by the commercial ! I also will not be shopping at best buy due to the put down of the wholesome ness of the Santa situation !

  55. And there are more of these horrible commercials! I don’t know what Best Buy is thinking. It’s insulting to all Santa believers, and former Santa believers. I won’t shop Best Buy.

  56. Firstly, let me say that everybody has a right to their own opinion. I, however find these commercials disturbing. The earlier ones I felt were just a bit distasteful, but this last one–which shows the mother kicking the plastic santa off of the roof–was over-the-top for me. I agree that Christmas is about Christ, but in a time where we are fighting for the right to call our trees Christmas trees, and to continue to say Merry Christmas… kicking this icon of childhood fantasy off of a roof is just adding insult to injury. Little children do not understand this concept. The earlier ones probably went right over their heads… but this one is blatant and very upsetting. Merry Christmas!

    • I included that one here, too, at first but removed it from the post after BB took it down. But now I’m hearing there are even more. Fran (comment above) mentioned there’s another one with Mom kicking a plastic Santa Claus off the roof?! Some people who don’t have an emotional attachment to Santa Claus are still offended just because it’s all so mean spirited.
      I think part of the success of the first one is the popularity of the actress playing Mom, and this commercial does have a flavor of The Office and Parks and Rec. Then there’s the whole school of humor based in a kind of raw meanness (South Park is a great example) that a lot of people enjoy, especially younger people. I love The Office and enjoy hearing about South Park (from my daughter…I get the humor intellectually but can’t really handle the show itself) but that type of humor didn’t work for me here. And little children aren’t sophisticated enough for that kind of humor at all.
      Anyway, thanks for the link Nicholas! Maybe you could find the kicking-santa-off-the-roof post and put it up instead?

  57. I have always liked Best Buy UNTIL these Commercials “dissing Santa”…it is
    DISTASTEFUL AND WRONG!!! What are they planning next? Dissing the Baby Jesus???
    I would like to see Santa knock one of those smarty pant housewives out!

  58. Ok People seriously. Please find a sense of humor and understand the commercial for what it is a funny ad designed to make you remember the brand associated with it. Nothing more, nothing less. Not to mention the fact you are upset that the ad makes fun of someone that does not exist.

    • If you’re trying to make us believe that you don’t understand people have varying tastes, perspectives, and senses of humor, sorry, I don’t buy it. You made a great point about the fact that the commercial was designed to make people remember the brand associated with it (which has clearly worked BTW.)

  59. I will not shop at Best Buy because of this commericial and this will be discussed with all of my friends and it will get worse and worse for best buy until a new commericial comes on making up for this terrible commericial.

  60. I am very offended by this commercial my kids ask why is the lady so mean to Santa? I don’t know what best buy was thinking when they came up with this idea, so stupid I hope best buy hears of that this is offensive and takes it off the air!!!

  61. I think you have a right to your opinion but Santa isn’t what Christmas is about if you believe in Christmas at all, it’s meant to be the birth of Christ etc. Santa is an icon that represents giving, yes, but he’s used to present children with gifts, fun and such. I don’t think a child is going to be ruined by finding out thy in the real world you do pay for things like the new x-box. Yes charitable giving is what the season should be about really but if you buy into Santa you are buying into commerce so you might as well lighten up and have a sense of humor about it.

  62. Okay, I’m sick to death of the commercial’s defenders saying “get a sense of humor.” Not everybody has the same sense of humor, folks! For example, I think Monty Python’s Flying Circus is hysterical, but Family Guy doesn’t do anything for me. I have a friend who loves Family Guy, but doesn’t get Monty Python. Does that mean one of us doesn’t have a sense of humor? No… it just means we have different tastes. Simple as that. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I used to do improv and comedy scene writing (and some of my written work was used in professional shows), so I know a thing or two about humor, and I didn’t find the commercials funny at all. For those who did, that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean those who don’t like them “need a sense of humor.”

    For the people saying, “Christmas isn’t about Santa, it’s about Jesus,” shall I remind you that it was originally a Pagan holiday to celebrate the Winter Solstice before the church took it over? And that most theologians believe Jesus was born sometime in spring? Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with folks celebrating the birth of Christ on Christmas (I mean, that’s where the name comes from, after all), but there’s a lot more to late December than the birth of Jesus. Oh, and by the way, Santa does have Christian roots… there was a 4th century Bishop (who became a Saint) by the name of Nicholas, and he liked to secretly leave gifts for people. That’s why Santa is often referred to as “St. Nick.”

    I’d venture to guess that most who dislike the commercials aren’t upset that kids are going to see the parents doing the buying or anything like that. (I personally think kids SHOULD know that the parents are somehow involved, so they understand why they may not get everything on their lists. When my brother and I questioned why Santa couldn’t bring us something that might be too expensive, our parents always told us, “we need to help pay for some of Santa’s supplies” and that worked for us). The problem with these commercials is that these woman are being snarky and rude to somebody who’s just trying to do something nice for them. I can’t see the humor in that at all, and find it to be a poor message.

    • Thank you Jen! Well put. There’s no reason for this discussion to devolve into belittling those with a different sensibility or perspective, by either those who don’t like the commercial or those who do. Let’s talk about the COMMERCIAL!! Reading between the occasional gnarly comment, I’ve actually learned things about advertising, comedy and humor, history, parenting, religion, and various ways of celebrating Christmas so far, all of which I find quite interesting.

      Yours and many of the other comments have helped me get clear on the biggest reason why I was offended by this ad; whether it was Santa Claus or not, like you, my main problem is that the commercial seems to promote being cruel and dismissive to someone who’s trying to do good. I understand there’s a style of humor that works with that (i.e. South Park) and there’s actually an illuminating element to it when applied with the genius of Trevor Parker and Matt Stone. However, Best Buy’s ad men are definitely NOT Parker and Stone. Not to me anyway.

      BTW, Here’s an interesting look at some other possible origins for Santa Claus that actually go back much farther than St. Nicholas:

      (found here: http://hope-of-israel.org.nz/christ~2.htm)

      “Some of Santa Claus’s characteristics date back many centuries. For example, the belief that Santa enters the house through the chimney developed from an old Norse legend. The Norse believed that the goddess Hertha appeared in the fireplace and brought good luck to the home.”

      Although most people assume that the original “Santa Claus” was a bishop by the name of St. Nicholas of Asia Minor of the fourth century, this is not really true. Although some of this bishop’s deeds later came to be associated with “St. Nick,” the original “Nicholas” was once again Nimrod, the “mighty one against the Lord.” The word “Nicholas” means “mighty one, powerful.” Traditions of a “god” who gave gifts under an evergreen tree antecede the Asian Minor bishop by thousands of years! Among the Scandinavians it was the god Odin or Woden who left special gifts during the Yuletide season under the evergreen tree, his sacred tree!”

      This site also explores the long and amalgamated histories of other things like the Christmas tree and Christmas itself.

      Best of the season to you and yours Jen!

      • Thank you for the link! I’ll be sure to check it out… I eat that stuff up!

        I agree about Trevor Parker and Mike Stone. “Mean” humor is something that can work, but it has to be done right, and they usually do a good job of it. I also enjoy The Office (though less so now that Steve Carrell isn’t part of the cast), but again, the writers of that show somehow make it work.

        Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to you and yours, too!

    • very well said. I wish I’d seen these commercials before i supported them this Christmas. You can be sure, if it continues, they will not be on my shopping list next year.

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  64. I am an early childhood educator, and I am totally offended by the “dissing Santa Best Buy commercials”. Especially the one where the lady is kicking the Santa statue off of the roof of her home. I am even more offended after watching 3 children in my classroom taking turns playing “kick Santa off the roof”. What sort of company would destroy the love and respect and reputation of Santa Claus to sell electronics. I made several high priced purchases from Best Buy for the Christmas holidays, I took all of them back today and took my business to a LOCAL ELECTRONICS store in my community! I am urging the rest of you who are reading this post to do the same.. Happy holidays !

    • Wow! I’ve heard about the one where she’s kicking him off the roof but haven’t seen it. Good for you for returning your merchandise!! Have a great holiday season!

  65. I so agree. It’s another example of American greed at the expense of others. This time Santa Claus lost. Who in the world thought this was funny?

  66. Seriously, I agree! Why are they showing Mothers being rude to Santa? And the one wit the mom on the roof, and she kicks the plastic santa off…how rude! Makes me sad that its coming to this. Poor santa 😦

  67. Oh My Geez! First, let’s be clear….SANTA IS NOT A REAL PERSON!!!! Are you seriously wound so tight that you can not see the humor in these ads? I, and the rest of my family, find the ads to be hillarious. I, as a mother, prefer to teach my child (who knows Santa isn’t real) that Christmas is about giving to others and being with family….not a mythical person created by a company that wants to sell me something (sure sounds like corporate greed to me). To the teacher….seems you may have missed an oppurtunity to teach those children something other than curriculum. Everyone needs to stop blaming T.V. for the things wrong in the world. T.V. doesn’t teach children that it is ok to be cruel…their parents do. T.V. doesn’t make people go out and spend 3 months salary on gifts for their friends and family that they don’t have time for the other 11 months of the year. To the person talking about corporate greed, do you only shop small businesses? If not, then you condone corporate greed on a daily basis by buying the products they sell…just something to think about before you throw those big words out there.
    I say…Game on, Santa!

    • Have you ever been upset over something that happens to a character in a book, movie, or tv show? They aren’t real people either. People become emotionally invested in fictional characters all the time.

      And once again… not everybody has the same sense of humor! Just because I don’t see the humor in a woman being rude to somebody who’s trying to do something nice doesn’t mean I’m “wound too tight.” I laugh all the time, but not at those commercials.

  68. I really doubt Best Buy was taking all of these points into account when thinking up these commercials. Honestly I think it’s kind of silly of you to take this so seriously and delve this far into a tv commercial.

    • Meant to add: Relax an take it for the satire it’s meant to be. Go make some cocoa, watch the Peanuts Christmas special and just enjoy your holiday season.

      • But then that would turn me into you. People are always going to be different my friend. Relax and accept it. Enjoy your cocoa and TV specials and best of the season to you!

  69. The commercials are terrible and Best Buy should be ashamed of themselves for trying to suggest that the spirit of Christmas is about buying stuff. Shame on BEST BUY!!! I will be spending my money at stores other than BEST BUY!!!

  70. There is a new one on with the ‘Mom’ on the roof with Santa and she repeats ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ in the most chilling way and then kicks a Santa statue off the roof! It is a scary and unecessary commercial to get me to buy things from Best Buy. I don’t have small children at home but I do have nieces and nephews and this is one commercial that I would not like the little ones to see. I’m not going to tell Best Buy how to run their business. I will purchase from them in the future but I am taking advantage of the freedom of speech that so many countries do not enjoy by saying that I do NOT like these commercials. Merry Christmas to all because I know I’m going to have one regardless of the crazy commercials that come on.

  71. I am a fan of Best Buy – have been for decades, but these commercials leave a sour taste in my mouth. Santa may have been adapted to promote consumerism, but somehow the icon has transcended that to become a symbol of a season of goodwill.
    Santa may be used by many stores to entice buyers – but even they continue to promote the figure as the spirit of Christmas.
    To sideline this icon in such a negative way, to deem the concept of Santa irrelevant in such a mean spirited way not only reeks of bad taste and poor judgement, it degrades best buy to nothing more than a rank and base corporation out of touch with the feelings and emotions of the individuals that allow them to exist – we the consumers.
    This corporate attitude is the epitome of the times – where the 1% only wish to exploit the 99%, from their jobs to their icons. It again reveals just how out of touch they are with the sentiment of the majority.
    I love Santa because of what he represents to my kids and to me, mythical or not. Shame Best Buy, shame.

  72. I too was disgusted to see these commercials it just struck me as wrong ignorant, and demeaning to the spirit of Christmas. I myself decided not to shop at Best Buy too. Good job bringing this to light!

    • It’s fine to enjoy the commercials, but it’s not fine to be a jerk about it. Scan through the rest of the comments here. It’s clear that many, many people have different tastes than you, and do not find the ads “hilarious.”

  73. I’ve played Santa at a local mall for over six years. During this time of the year, all I am thinking about is how to make little kids happy. I have opportunities to work with special needs kids; to bring a smile to the faces of homeless kids, to try and give encouragement to children and their families who are only looking for a few moments of joy; and maybe some hope. Yeah. I find these commercials offensive. Very offensive. It not only is offensive to me, but to everyone who finds a little peace, love, and joy while spending a few moments with the bearded guy in the red suit. There are millions of ways to encourage customers to come and spend their money in your store. This is not one of them.

    • A comment from Santa himself! Thanks Steve. Most of all for working so hard to bring some joy into these little lives. I heard an interview recently with another Santa Claus who said he’s hearing kids saying things like, “Could you get my dad a job?” Or “No. I don’t need anything, but can you give mine to those kids who don’t have a home?” I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be to hold and hear something like that. Keep up the great work!

  74. As long as there’s money to be made you will have tasteless commercials by these big name companies who only seem concerned with the bottom line. I know making a profit is expected, but not at the expense of the image of Santa Claus.

    Shame on you Best Buy!

    I guess the only thing you can do as a consumer.is speak with your money.

  75. It’s just a commercial…… Why can’t we watch funny commercials and laugh anymore? I find it a little funny that people are not shopping at Best Buy anymore because of these commercials. I will still shop there. I think its a great store. I thought that the Burger King commercials with that creepy king were weird but I still ate there.
    Its just my opinion but I just see them as funny commercials.

    • Thanks Jeff. Judging from the comments there are plenty of people who find the humor that Best Buy intended with this. I thought that Burger King character was pretty creepy, too!

    • Commercials do more than just advertise a product. They make statements. The statement these commercials are making is that we don’t need Santa Claus, we just need Best Buy. They are stating that the spirit of love and giving is not as important as getting and being nasty.

      The fact is, these commercials are not funny. They are sad. They are a sad commentary on our society, testifying that nothing is worth respecting, that everything should be a target for demonization, that everything should be open to ridicule and being made fun of. For those who can’t see this, mores the pity.

    • This is much better!! There’s finally a little give and take going on between the parties! This commercial sounds more like teasing banter and less like abuse to me. The name calling turns me off, but I get that they’re setting it up for the “grow up” reply. I think this comes a lot closer to what Best Buy was trying to accomplish–looks more like a gift giving competition Mom is winning rather than a bully gloating over her pathetic victim. At least to me. Thanks for posting this Jen!

      • You’re welcome! I stumbled across that one in an article about the commercials, and thought, “I haven’t seen this one yet. Let’s see how bad it is.” After I watched it, and caught myself smiling. I paused, watched it again, and was shocked to find that I actually kinda liked it. Like you, I could have done without the “elf boy,” part, but Santa’s response made up for it. I also think the fact that the lady was laughing her butt off instead of standing there with a condescending smirk on her face helped with the playfulness aspect.

  76. My grandkids think this commercial is terrible. Best Buy has a right to make this commercial and I have a right to take my shopping someplace else – like Amazon.

  77. I googled this commercial to see if anyone else was critical about this ad campaign.

    I think it is absolutely terrible. The rudeness and arrogance displayed by these people one-upping Santa Claus is not in the holiday spirit.

    It also seems to feed into some kind of narcissism that many people have that they are better than everyone else…. Santa included.

  78. Dear best buy, why didn’t you include kicking rudolph off the roof, and the elfes! How bout the HOPE this season brings, or should bring? Your commercials are repulsive. I can’t say anything more, other than what’s been posted before. SHAME on you.

  79. I was not a big fan of Best Buy before this commercial, as every time I’ve been before now I was fed misinformation and falsely led to believe products met my needs. Conversely, you could say that they sparked my need, and eventually assimilation, of electronics knowledge. I learned all about computers, tvs, stereos, etc.. because I was tired of having the proverbial wool pulled over my eyes. Now, with this commercial running, I won’t go into the stores ever again and I have been telling my friends not to go. First off, I feel that the commercial is very disrespectful to parents, children, the spirit of Christmas and anyone who has celebrated it until now. The parents, because we know the roll we play during this time of the year. I am not going to just come out and say it because I don;t want to leave the comment that ruins a childhood with the perils of truth. Kids, because they look up to Santa, they are being told that Santa is worthless and that the various electronic junk you might get is far better than anything you might get from him. The spirit of Christmas….. Well if that needs explanation, I don’t know what we’re doing here…. And finally, everyone that’s celebrated Christmas to now… For everyone who believed in the magic of Christmas, and put their faith in Santa throughout our childhoods….. Apparently, highly priced consumer electronics outclasses any and all of it.

  80. I think that the commercial is meant to be funny – and yes I have children and morals. It’s a joke – I find it very funny – to be honest. I would think that people have more important things to get upset over.

    • There are many who play Santa Claus around the world, who actually deliver toys, clothes, food, and hope to those in need. Do they drive sleighs pulled by reindeer through the sky, land on roves, and slide down chimneys? No. Do they provide the spirit of love, giving, and hope that the season screams for? Yes. So is Santa Claus real? I suppose it depends upon who you are and how you look at it.

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  82. There is a petition on Change.org requesting Best Buy to stop the commercials. Please go to http://www.change.org and search for the petition titled, “Best Buy: Stop the santa attack commercials.” Click to sign the petition and send it to all of your friends on facebook and twitter.
    Thanks for supporting. Together we can seek change!!

  83. Okay, while some of the views here aren’t exactly awful to point out, they’re going for people with a sense of humor; which obviously a lot of people here do not have that SORT of humor. You’re taking it too seriously. It’s a commercial, not a campaign for the president. You took the time to write some huge article on a “distasteful commercial” and wasted all that time and effort on something so severely trivial.

    Why not put that time and potential into writing an article that will mean something or teach someone something… Maybe write about actual problems in America instead of complaining about a commercial that isn’t your sense of humor. You’re over thinking it. There isn’t a hidden message behind every advertisement that shows itself on national television. It’s simply a commercial that was meant to be funny; and it wasn’t in your taste. End of story?

    They’re not trying to say oh, santa sucks. They aren’t saying ‘Mom’s are the real villains here!’ or some message that you seem to be drawing out of a simple advertisement. Just relax and let it go. Unless you plan on writing about every commercial that just isn’t your taste… It’s such a waste of time and effort.

  84. Clearly, commercials are supposed to help generate sales for any company, it is the reason for their very existence. And yes, Christmas has gotten incredibly commercialized over the years. However, there IS a way to include the spirit of giving, charity and kindness along with the presents.
    This ad campaign misses the mark.
    Yes, Santa is a fictitious character, but the spirit behind the myth is one of goodness and charity, which is why I think the ads are leaving such a bad taste in people’s mouths. There is no reason that Mom and Santa cannot work together. To that end, there’s no reason that Mom and Santa can’t have a friendly competition in efforts to make Christmas a happy time. But, there is nothing friendly about the interaction in these ads.
    Athletes are supposed to be competing in games and yet there are fights on the field/courts at every turn. Fans are attacking each other, in some cases to almost deadly results (in reference to the man beaten almost to death after a baseball game, one of many examples).
    The problem is that society is becoming calloused and people are losing compassion for their fellow man.
    So, during the holidays especially, whether you believe that Christmas is about the birth of Christ or you don’t, whether you believe in Santa or not, is it too much to ask to have a month where the main focus is kindness and not mean spirited competition?

    And to the people who say that telling children about Santa is lying to your kids, really? Are we to have our children’s lives devoid of magic or imagination? Am I not supposed to read to my son anything that is fiction because it is not based in truth? I guess tomorrow instead of reading my son “Elf on the Shelf” and watching his little face light up in excitement looking all around the house for the magical elf, I’ll sit his 18 month old self down and have him watch a documentary on Vietnam, because surely that would be less damaging to his psyche than being “lied to”. I guess I’ll take down the picture of Noah’s Ark and replace it with a photograph of a mass grave from the Holocaust because then he’ll feel better that I told him the whole truth about the world. After all, he’s 18 months, it’s time he knew.

    Kids need fodder for their imagination-it helps them learn and be creative. My son has plenty of time to learn about war. He’s got a lifetime ahead of him to learn about how truly evil the human spirit can be. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll let him stay a child for a little while. Maybe I’ll let him enjoy the magic of Santa Claus. Maybe I’ll let him revel in the wonder of it all.

    Maybe it’ll even help remind me about what it should all be about.

    • Boy, that comment about lying got under all our skins didn’t it? I’m so grateful my parents prized and nourished the imaginations of their children the way they did!

      I love this: “The problem is that society is becoming calloused and people are losing compassion for their fellow man.
      So, during the holidays especially, whether you believe that Christmas is about the birth of Christ or you don’t, whether you believe in Santa or not, is it too much to ask to have a month where the main focus is kindness and not mean spirited competition?”

      That captures the heart and soul of my distaste for the ads. Thanks!

  85. Thank GOD im not the only one. I emailed them about it. I will also not shop there due to these commercials. Terrible Terrible Terrible. 50% drop in stock over the last 12 months. I think the $26 a share will fall drastically due to this greed.

  86. Get real. These commercials are hilariuos. I am a grown women with children, nieces. Nephews of all ages and ILOVE CHRISTMAS. Somebody neefs a funny bone for chridtmas

  87. Everyone has a right to have thier own type of ” funny bone” for Christmas, but these commercials are just wrong. The whole message is sad and disturbing. If Best Buy wanted to create a funny commercial for the holiday just leave the freaky rude mother out of it and provide something to be joyful about the season. I mean, who would want to be snuggled up with the fam watching a christmas classic and then THIS pops up!! I would never call this ” Funny Holiday Spirit”!!!

  88. THANK YOU for writing this post!! After my heart falling every time those commercials came on, I did a quick google search to see what the scoop was because I can’t be the only one wondering wtf best buy was thinking with these…i seriously decided I didn’t want to shop there EVER after these…yuck.

    • You’re welcome Jenna. I felt the same way only I couldn’t find any comments about them when I first googled, which is why I wrote the post. It was a relief to discover I wasn’t the only one who disliked them.

  89. Oh, please, people. Calm down, wouldja?

    I love these commercials and look forward to the giggle I get at every one of them. Plus, the Santa is the best ever: great face, great expressions and great voice. Yay Best Buy!

      • The execs at Best Buy aught to be ashamed of themselves. Santa Clause lives within all of us and has given us a warm fussy feeling our entire lives. I am 46 years old and I consider Santa a dear friend who has helped give my heart the tenderness and compassion it has today. That is what hurts all of us. It’s like kicking one of our dearest friend in the face. Santa has help us all be better adults! Best Buy does not exist to me anymore!

  90. Wow. I’m so glad you posted this. Because I saw a bunch of these similarly themed commercials targeted towards Santa including a commercial by Target(no pun intended). So I searched online to see why commercials are attacking Santa and found this. If they keep this up, I give it 5-10 years before the idea of Santa and what he represents is absent from kids all together(along with the meaning of Christmas). We need to start showing 90’s movies to kids to remind them; like Home Alone, Jingle All the Way and the classics. LOL

    • Oh btw. That Target commercial went something like “Santa has elves, you have Target”. That’s a direct attack implying that Santa is insignificant. It won’t be long now!

    • This has been a tough year for Santa in advertising. I wonder why he’s coming under attack so much? Maybe because retail can’t possibly compete with someone who gives stuff away for free?

      Best of the season to you!

  91. Glad to see so many like me hate these commercials!! If I didn’t have a problem with Best Buy already (there non existent return policy and warranties!) I would probably just have let it go. But as I already don’t like this store I had to put my two cents in about these awful ads, dissing our beloved Santa. Who’s the idiot that thought this one up? The only problem here is that with all this negative feedback the store probably looks on this as attention be it positive or negative!

  92. After thinking about the “Game On, Santa” catchphrase, and the electronics aimed items, I think Best Buy should have Santa return to Snarky Mom’s house, wearing his black metal battle armour, “level up” and out-gift her.
    GAME OVER, SNARKY MOM. I honestly think that would be a hoot.
    I appreciate Christ, and like the Christmas and Santa traditions I grew up with.

    A Merry Christmas to all!!

  93. I think these ads are horrible and while I agree that the latest version with give and take is better the general sense that Christmas is a Capitalist competition sucks. I think there are two ways to break them down. The first is the “destroy the dreams of children” angle which should have been enough for Best Buy to never have aired these ads. The second is how insidious and crass these ads are. To point this out, what if Best Buy interjected itself in to the manger. May the three kings paid way to much for myrrh. Maybe what Mary really wanted was a baby monitor. Why would Best Buy never make that ad. Maybe because some decision makers in the company were Christian, maybe because they believed it would cause a backlash from Christians, maybe because they simply recognized that the manger scene represents something good, something that they should mess with and commercialize. The same should have been true for Santa. Santa’s job is giving. A large part of the mythology is that it is free. Yes, he is fictional, and what this fictional character represents is something good, something that should not be messed with and commercialized. So, maybe it is too late for that. Santa is a capitalist fop at this point. Maybe it is just that these ads are particularly good at pointing that fact out. That there is really nothing good about this season any longer. It is just an effort to stimulate the economy and find the best deal. Thanks Best Buy for telling it like it is. Bubble burst. Idealism lost. Thanks Best Buy.

    • “Maybe the three kings paid way to much for myrrh. Maybe what Mary really wanted was a baby monitor.”
      This made me laugh! I originally added The Three Wise Men to the bit about going after Toys for Tots, but decided not to go there for fear it might somehow turn into an inflammatory distraction. It’s interesting the same thing occurred to you. Y’know, there have been a number of comments suggesting that Santa Claus has been commercialized to the point of irrelevance so I guess it’s happened for some people, or perhaps the Santa tradition never meant much to them to begin with so they just see it as a tool for retail. But Santa’s been active and deeply beloved in our family for more generations than I can count so there’s no way he could be sidelined and dismissed by something as superficial as commercialism.
      Thanks for such an insightful comment Steve!

  94. What disturbs me the most is the viciousness displayed in most of the ads by the “human” character. I don’t care that the modern image of Santa Claus is a commercial bastardization of a Catholic saint. I don’t even care if you believe Jesus was born to a virgin in December, was laid in a manger and visited by foreign dignitaries. What I do care about is that you find bully behavior funny and that this behavior is acceptable to show to your kids. So now someone will tell me to “lighten up” and that it’s only a joke, eh? Really? What’s your response when your neighbor’s kid pushes your kid around because they imitate what they see?

  95. A lot of you need to research Father Christmas (what you call Santa Clause) and the history, so you don’t endlessly perpetuate the rumour that his creation was some commercial tool for big business. That’s not to say the figure of Father Christmas hasn’t been used to sell (Coca Cola, Best Buy, iPhone and endless others), just that the intention or ulterior motive wasn’t there to begin with.

    Anyway, I personally don’t mind the adverts. Sometimes I think it’s a shame that Father Christmas is credited with giving gifts that family members have thought about and spent hard-earned money on. I understand your reasons for thinking it distasteful, but to many people Christmas isn’t about Christ, and Father Christmas is just one of many fairytales that doesn’t really matter – to my family at least it’s about meeting up with your family, sharing good food and giving gifts. Poking fun at a mythological being, tongue firmly in cheek, is just a playful twist and a different way of advertising. It’s difficult to think of an interesting concept for a Christmas-related advertising campaign! Why not the idea that Father Christmas is competing with Best Buy? I mean, it’s a little dumb considering Father Christmas’s gifts are charity, so why choose to buy when you could get what you want for free? But aside from that, it’s just a light-hearted dig. Harmless.

    There are many, many more things disturbing and upsetting in the world of advertising than this minuscule thing. Enjoy your Christmas 🙂

    • “There are many, many more things disturbing and upsetting in the world of advertising than this minuscule thing.”

      You mean miniscule to you. This was one of the most intelligent comments left here to date except for that little dig. Thanks and happy holidays to you too!

  96. Best Buy says, “I’ve got an extended return policy. What have you got?”

    Santa’s response, “I’ve got the right presents for the right people, that aren’t defective, so I don’t NEED an extended return policy!”

  97. I think the Santa commercials are outrageously wrong. I love the man they use for the Santa character, but I would like to see him with a better script. Ugh. Ok, Santa is fiction, the red suit is courtesy of CocaCola, so what. It’s a tradition and it represents something. Trashing it this way is just mean.

  98. Agreed, the ads are terrible. What was the creative director thinking? Absolutely Appauling. I will not shop at best buy this Christmas and i have discouraged my friends and family to do the same.

  99. Can anyone please provide me with the name of the advertising agency that made this series of commercials? Also, does anyone have a good POC or address for Best Buy to provide feedback regarding these mean spirited series of commercials (that have ensured my family will never shop at Best Buy again)? Thank you in advance. Cheers, and Merry Christmas!!

  100. Well, here is Best Buy’s contact info. I’ve still not found what Ad Agency created the mean spirited series of Santa commercials though.

    Customer Service, Web Site, Store and General/Corporate Inquiries
    Best Buy Corporate Customer Care
    P.O. Box 9312
    Minneapolis , MN 55440
    1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289)

    Media Inquiries
    Best Buy Public Relations Department
    Email: NewsCenter@bestbuy.com
    Phone: 612-292-NEWS (6397)

    Vendor Inquiries
    Best Buy Vendor Inquiries
    Phone: 1-888-265-2024
    7601 Penn Avenue South
    Richfield , MN 55423

  101. The Best Buy anti Santa Commercials are mean spirited! I am avoiding Best Buy this season. Just Spent Almost $1,100 at HHgreg this weekend. Whats next Best Buy, a John Wilkes Booth character confronting Abe Lincoln during the February Presidents Day sales? Game off Best Buy!

  102. That mom will be getting coal for christmas. I get mad every time i see these commercials. Its bad enough that people are so rotten to each other the rest of the year, now best buy wants people to be mean to santa… what is wrong with them. Maybe next year they could make a nice commercial that encourages people to be kind to each other and buy a present for someone in need instead of picking on someone who has brought joy to generations of children.

  103. I have seen a few of these commercials from Best Buy they are tasteless and quite disturbing even to my young children . They are showing bullying and rudeness to an absolute iconic figure to children.

    • Oh hella ya, read my comment. And I don’t even live in the states and I’m sure NONE of our stores here in Canada would ever make such horrible commercials such as this one.

      My comment posted: December 19, 2011 at 11:15 pm

  104. I honestly find the commercials not because they belittle the spirit of Christmas and Santa Claus but also because they’re sexist and maybe a little racist. Only White mother’s provide enormous amounts of materialistic gifts for their families?! Outrageous message they’re sending to the TVs of black households.

  105. I was wondering if anyone else was offended by these commercials and I am glad to see I was not. I may not believe in Santa but how rude is it to bully a guy who is nothing but nice and gives you free stuff. What is this saying to kids??? In a time when most people are scraping to get by material stuff is more important than the spirit of giving and loving one another. I may not be Christian and I may not believe in santa anymore but these commercials really push my buttons. I don’t go to best buy regularly and I don’t think I”ll ever go there again.

  106. I hate these ad’s and can’t wait for them to stop! these ad’s make my 4 year old cry and ask me if I am going to be mean to Santa when he comes for Christmas! How am I supposed to answer that question! I even sent a comment to Best Buy complaining but that isn’t going to do anything but at least I tried. I Change the channel every time one of the ad’s come on because they annoy me so much.


  108. Bestbuymas! Wow! I am contacting bestbuymas in the morning. I personally spend thousands every year on computers and programs for my company. Everyone . for the last five years has received a $500 best buy card for Christmas. When they look at my reward zone card that I am canceling, I hope they realize there are many more like me that are not planning on spending another penny there. The only good that has come out of this is that I know many people are using best buys propaganda to explain to their children that best buy is trying to put Santa out of business so the kids do not want anything from this place. Let’s use this to bring Christmas back and make something good out of something wrong.

    • BESTBUYMAS!! This made me laugh and laugh. I think that probably sums it up better than anything else I’ve heard. If you don’t mind I think I’ll add this to the title of the post. And BRAVO on putting yours (and your company’s) money where it counts!

  109. Celebrating the birth of Christ is the true meaning of Christmas. Has man distorted the meaning through the years? I don’t think so, even with all the glamour and glitter. Christmas is still about celebration and giving. And if I can give my nine year old son joy by him believing in Santa Clause, then after our Amen, it’s off to bed to do battle with sleep while waiting for dawn and the joy of giving. The only issue I have is trying to answer him when he asked “Why are those people being mean to Santa?” I tell him they are mad at him because they got the coal last year, looks like coal again this year. Merry Christmas Best Buy, I never shop there anyway, too pricy, too rude.

  110. First off THANK YOU I couldn’t have said it better

    Sadly watching cbs in ny tonight dec 20 during ncis: la and it was the woman kicks santa off the roof


  111. OK, I keep getting these alerts to my email that another person is up in arms over the “treatment of Santy Claus” in these Best Buy commercials. Today, I opened my email and read a few…then the most amazing thing happened. “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” came on and I had to laugh. Do you people change the station or rush to cover your kids ears when this song comes on? C’MON, Santa and mommy committing adultery, right there in front of a young child? AND THEY PLAY THIS ON THE RADIO??? My goodness, Santa has been commercialized and now the chubby bugger is knocking boots with married housewives? The Santa in the Best Buy commercials should forget about competing with “mean-spirited mom” and slip her the tongue!! I am going write my local radio station and the song writer and give them a piece of my mind!!!

  112. I was wondering if I was the only one offended by these commercials and I see by all these posts I am not. I don’t know when it became okay to be rude and to bully a man who symbolizes love and joy and giving, or to be mean to anyone. What is this saying to kids that it’s okay to be mean to a person who wants nothing but happiness in return for giving gifts? And when did Mom become this icon of mean bullying? In a time when most people are scraping by to pay for things that are needed, Best Buy is saying material things are more important than the spirit of giving and loving one another. I may not believe in Santa anymore, and my child is grown, but what about the millions of children that do and have to watch someone(a woman no less) treat Santa in this way, and then all the parents that have to explain that it’s just a bad marketing idea? Who was the genius at Best Buy that thought these commercials would bring in customers? I used to go to Best Buy regularly and I know now I”ll never go there again. Well let’s see if Best Buy is around next year to run another poor choice in advertising! I think & hope we will all be saying BYE, BYE, BEST BUY!!!!!!!

  113. Wow lot’s of great comments and strong feelings present here. Pretty fascinating as a “cultural study.” I don’t like the commercials personally. I don’t get offended easily, so they by no means are important enough in my life to offend me, but they certainly annoy me. I think it’s bad advertising or a questionable technique to say the least.

    I think they (the commercials) are the true embodiment of the dark side of what Christmas has become. While I am a faithful Christian, I do think there is some value of yin and yang (and Santa too). While we like to think about all the good that comes at Christmas, there are always those that want to take advantage of and dispel that very goodness. Best Buy has successfully highlighted all of the dark things in one 30 sec. ad. It’s not about quality time with family it’s about buying them great stuff! It’s not about love, charity, kindness, and peace, it’s about competition, attitude, one upping the Jonses (and Santa too), and it’s every family for themselves. I believe Christ to be the light of the world and we should be all about letting our lights shine towards Him. This commercial makes it clear – it’s all about the light shining on you and how you alone provide blessings for your family. The glory is yours, and yours only.

    This is a little thing – but it bothers me that the Santa actor they use appears to be a really good one (realistic of the image), seemingly gentle, sincere, kind. Best Buy should realize that the legend is that Santa GIVES to ALL the children – what do they (best buy) or these crazy/scary moms provide for the children of the world?

    And I’d like to contradict the notion that the very best gifts come from a place like Best Buy- please. Some of my most memorable gifts – a brand new pair of skis, a good quality leather jacket, an overnight trip with my parents to NYC to see a Mary Poppins on broadway, a scrapbook from my wife, and I can also count on some yummy old school candy. Not one of these things could ever be purchased from Best Buy. Some of these presents were from Santa, some from mom and dad, some from the wife. They are all special and they reflect that 1) the giver knew me very well and 2) the giver loved me very much. Also according the legend- Santa gives gifts that are really meaningful to the receiver, not about price or size or speed. Electronics, while nice and fun and glamorous, are really one step up from gift cards (in my book). Our society is told everyone wants AND needs this stuff, so if you buy it will be a good gift, when in reality in 3 years, they will be outdated and in need of replacing with the newest, biggest, fastest, etc.

    I am sorry. I rambled, and it’s more than just Best Buy is all that dark energy/commercialism/selfishness that pervades our society. When it comes to this holiday I’ll stick with A Christmas Carol over Best Buy every time (or even elf for that matter!)

    I believe the answer is love. and love is never bought or sold. it’s freely given. peace to all. and God bless us – every one (Santa and Best Buy too!)

    • Wow…I think you hit on most of the underlying reasons why these commercials are so offensive to some. Narcissism, materialism, commercialism, isolation, and pitting one against the other. This whole thread has given me a lot of insights, a “cultural study” as you say.
      The only thing I would disagree with is that most of these electronics will start becoming outdated in six months (or less), not three years. The speed of development and change is absolutely mind blowing. Best of the season to you and all your loved ones Josh!

  114. I totally agree with Mrs. Osborn. The commercials make me so angry and sad that best buy is trashing the idea of Santa. It’s a really terrible commercial, they should stop airing it. And I hope that the kids watching these commercials aren’t taking it to heart!!

  115. I don’t think I’m necessarily offended by these commercials. More annoyed. Those ladies are so smug and obnoxious! And really, who is going to be a d*** to Santa? On Christmas??? Stupid Best Buy. However, the funny thing is that BB is all over the news today because it is cancelling online orders that were placed as far back as Black Friday and many of its orders, if not cancelled will never arrive by Christmas. Put that in your egg nog and drink it dumb ladies!!

  116. I totally agree with you about the Best Buy Commercial. They’re actually attacking Santa Claus, and telling people he’s not the “best buy” for your holiday season. I find it tasteless and actually mean.

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    • Hey Kit! I wonder if a lot of people who were laughing at the commercial will get pissed when it comes on now, only because it reminds them of how they got cancelled by Best Buy instead. What a drag…I feel for the people who got caught in this! I wasn’t going to stop shopping there forever because of the commercial but I might do so because of this. 🙂

      Couldn’t wait any longer…opened the book. Yowza!!

  118. I’ve seen a few of these, and just saw the texting commercial tonight. I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s a commercial. I’ve seen quite a few that had many more negative aspects to them. This is a fun and different take on Santa. As for kids, any reasonable person should be able to simply explain to kids that it’s an actor pretending to be Santa just the way other actors do in any other commercial, movie, or tv show.

  119. Wow… what a bunch of up-tight jerks! It’s a commercial…it’s funny! They are probably the best commercials I’ve seen all winter! A lot better than car companies pushing cars as Christmas presents! And lastly, last I checked, Santa is FAKE… get over yourselves! And frankly, my wife, and I’m sure many others DESERVE the credit, not some mythical figure, they do all the work to make our kids happy come Christmas morning… glad to see these commercials capture that REALITY. Kudos to Best Buy!

    • Yes… people are “tight up jerks” for having an opinion (and sense of humor) different from yours… *sigh*

      I’ve asked this of others who toss out the “SANTA IS FAKE!!” line, and I’ll ask it again: Have you ever, once in your life, been upset, angry, or disappointed over what happens to a character in a book, movie, or TV show? If so, you should drop the “Santa is fake” argument, because book/movie/tv show characters are fake, too.

      • Ummm….. there’s no argument, Santa is fake… that is a fact. As far as being disappointed when “characters” I like are wronged, I know they’re fake, so I don’t really care… that’s what anyone beyond about 10-12 years old should be thinking…I would hope.

  120. You’ve got to be kidding. The actors are rude, disrespectful, MEAN, tasteless. So, wait! A lot of prime time is rude, disrespectful, MEAN, and tasteless. I guess Best Buy just figured we were ready for a mommy to follow in those footsteps and tell Santa that jolly old elves were no longer cool or useful. Mean and spiteful works to make our families wishes come true and especially if we drop alot of money at a store selling electronics. Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All. Yeh, puts me in the mood to shop. These ads should have been run on a jumbotron outside all Best Buys on Black Friday…got everyone’s tempers flaring, put a little mean in the crowd…get them primed to run over each other, prime their stun guns…F off Best Buy

  121. Totally tasteless, ugly and offensive. Everytime I see it I become more disgusted with the values it seems to portray. Best Buy is already known for poor customer service, no product support and an all around “get their money and run” attitude. There is nothing humorous or cute about it, it’s just dumb. If this is the course Best Buy wishes to pursue, why not get one of the “Real” Housewives to perform in one? Who could better deliver the message that behaving badly is profitable?

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  123. I have many of the same thoughts, So much so, that we made a new show this year, starting with the best and worst Holiday ads. I figure you all can relate. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and video responses throughout the year!! Find the video at crittick.com, just premiered on Monday!


  124. I hope people who have seen this commercial will avoid the Best Buy stores to do Christmas shopping. It was supposed to be funny, but most of the people don’t think it is. Commercial failure…

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