Thor and Mother’s Day

I apologize.  I’ve started three, seriously moving, insight-filled, absolutely blow-your-mind-and-suck-your-socks-off different posts this week but because of persistent interruptions (doctor, dentist, lawyer, fire-alarm, a cluster of canine epileptic seizures, and the rain-gutter repairman) I didn’t finish.  Not one.

So.  Instead, I give you a link to probably the funniest movie review I’ve read to date.  I laughed all the way through.  It’s written by Mike Ryan, published in Vanity Fair, and takes a shot at explaining the seriously convoluted plot of the movie Thor being released today. (i.e. Q: What is a Frost Giant?  A: “Frost Giant” seems to be a derogatory term that refers to the citizens of Jotunheim (not in any way pronounced Jot-un-heim), the mortal enemies of Asgard who want to retrieve what was stolen from them: something called the Casket of Ancient Winters.)  

I’ve asked the hubster to take me to see it for Mother’s Day.  And if we discover at the very last minute, just as we’re walking out the door, that my daughter has again planned something else for me, then I’ll invite her to join us and she’ll instantly forget the other thing and leap joyfully into the car, wreathed in smiles.  She’ll do this partly because this day is, primarily, all about me and she understands that.

But even more important, she loves good comic book hero movies as much as I do (like mother/like daughter.) So I ask you:

Q:  What better way is there to celebrate Mother’s Day than with the hubster, at least one of my beautiful children who lives close enough to come, and a Norse god?

A:  None.


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