When A Comment’s Better Than The Original Post

“Without love, a decent world does not exist.”

Well, amen.  Doesn’t that just say it all?

This gem came out of a comment left on a recent post and I’ll tell you what…a good commenter is worth their weight in gold.  Comments in general are great and deeply appreciated but, still, every once in a while something comes along that really grabs my heart and wrings it.  A couple more recent examples:

From Alice in the Cities:

“Oh, and he did speak just before he died. He saw his brother in the doorway twice and said happily that he was waiting for him.”

From Cindy’s Cancers:

 “I was very afraid of dying but after being inpatient at hospice I saw that they can and will make sure that I don’t suffer. Now I can continue to enjoy what time I have left.”

And lastly, here’s one more from the same guy mentioned above, Robert Brownbridge*:

“Immortality is optimally reached if and when we have loved fully and well.”

(*Robert Brownbridge is a poet and the author of a memoir about the Korean war called Into War With An Empty Gun.)

There have been more along the way.  Comments that were beautiful or honest or simple or insightful or thought provoking or surprising or just plain fun.  Maybe from now on I’ll try and throw them up like this whenever they come along.  Or maybe put up a page specifically for them called Comments Better Than The Post.

copyright Dia Osborn 2013