Modo’s precarious beginning.

Here’s about four minutes of video I took of Modo day before yesterday while I was trying to assess his chances for survival.  For those who missed it, he’s a little hunchback duckling I found in the middle of our driveway.  He’d fallen over and couldn’t get back up so the mother had to leave him.

Pretty adorable.

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  1. Dear Dia,
    This little duckling was such a gift. I watched from a distance all the beautiful characteristics called “Motherhood” come out of you as you nursed this creature from the brink of death. It did not seem a mistake that this happened leading in to Mother’s Day, and that you found a sanctuary for birds that would take “him” in.
    With McKenna getting married soon, I hope you see that you have done as good a job with this recent duckling…as you have with your own daughter. It has been a pleasure and an honor to watch you “work”.
    The H.

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