Oh my aching heart…is this what the second amendment intended?


Photo from timesunion.com

Jesus God Almighty.  The news is unfolding right now about the dozens of small children gunned down in their Connecticut school room and I’m swinging wildly between anger and tears.  It was only a couple of days ago that innocent people were randomly gunned down in an Oregon mall and it seems like every week there’s another headline like this.

What have we come to?

I cannot believe that this is what our Founders intended when they crafted the second amendment.  I just can’t.  Please God help those governing us to find some of the wisdom and vision that guided our forefathers instead of the anger, suspicion, and stubbornness that blinds them today.  Our founding fathers never would have just sat on their thumbs and watched as our tiny, beautiful children and mothers and neighbors and friends were gunned down in cold blood like this, over and over and over again.

Year after year after year.

Surely we can find some way to bear guns wisely instead of just bear guns.

Please…something has to change.


9 responses

  1. Anything change to the 2nd amendment may help to at least these violent actions from people who have lost their minds!!! All guns should be controlled to a better degree than they are now. So very sad indeed.

    • It seems like such a logical thing to do and yet the mistrust is so rampant that any effort to control guns even a little is looked at as a step to outlaw guns entirely. In the meantime our children are dying. Sigh.

  2. “Every time something really bad happens, people cry out for safety, and the Government answers by taking rights away from good people”
    Penn Jillette

    Unfortunately, we cant fully insure ourselves from mad and stupid.

    • No, you’re right of course. But at least there’s been some conversation finally taking place since the shooting, including finally bringing the nation’s complicated mental health issues front and center. I believe there’s a lot of middle ground to explore that hasn’t been because the polarization has been so extreme. I suspect though that in the end, the whole world is moving in an increasingly militarized direction. If I had to guess I’d say we’ll probably start seeing security check points and metal detectors being installed at malls, theaters, schools, hospitals and clinics, libraries, retail stores, parks, etc. before long. The shooting of the women health workers in Pakistan is a real game changer, too. I heard one director interviewed last night mention that world health organizations will now lean toward adopting armed security anywhere they work, which will interfere with the trust they need to build in order to be most effective. I see a trend. It seems, in the short term at least, that the most practical safety solution may be to introduce even more guns into the equation.
      I just hope that in the long term we can address some of the underlying problems that are promoting this turn to an increasingly violent world. That’s my prayer anyway. Thanks as always for taking the time to comment, Alex. I really appreciate your input.

  3. Here’s what creeps me out. A very dear old friend who mostly uses FB for “games” shared a political thing this morning. I couldn’t believe it. Over a photo of an automatic hand gun of some sort, the piece said, “An armed community is a safe community. Like if you agree.” OMG! Where is the logic? Where is the reason? Who comes up with these ideas? My friend’s husband is a game hunter. That is fine. I’m all for putting meat on the table. But arming the masses with automatic assault weapons? Whaaaat? I am absolutely non-plussed.

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