I Sing An Old English Round

I’m a shower singer these days but once upon a time, back in my college days, I loved playing guitar and singing folk and Celtic music, sometimes even where other people could hear.

One of my favorite things to sing were the old songs from oral traditions that could be sung in rounds.  I always wanted to get enough people together in one place to sing Rose, Our Poor Bird, and Heigh Ho together in eight to twelve rounds but it never happened.  So the dream languished and eventually died.

Then, lo and behold!  Here it is decades later, and I recently discovered software installed on my computer that miraculously enables me to sing all the parts by myself!  No choir assemblage required.  Playing around with it I was delighted and amazed to finally be able to hear all the harmonics involved, and I admit…I briefly returned to a distant dream I once nourished of growing up to be a folk singer some day.  (A dream that died a sad, unnatural death due to paralyzing stage fright, which was just as well since lack of voice training probably would have killed it off anyway.)

The audio tracks got out of sync in the middle for a couple of measures…sorry.  And the photos in the slideshow are from a trip we took to the Olympic rainforest a few years ago.  I thought they captured the same kind haunted feeling as the music.

(It feels a little weird to post this since it’s pretty much solely about me and…let’s face it…who cares?  But what the hell.  I love these songs and after thirty years of wondering what it would sound like, I might as well share, right?)

So anyway, here it is.

copyright Dia Osborn 2012

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  1. Hi Auntie! It´s the first time I have read your blog, I didn´t know you have such a beautiful voice!! My mother said:”Dia is the only one of the five siblings who can sing” 🙂

    • Laura?!! What a treat to find you around here. Your mom said you’d discovered your inner salesperson and we’re all SO proud of you! Way to overcome your fear girl. You can do ANYTHING.

  2. We used to sing that all the time at the hippie dippie things I went to in the 60’s. So I had the most wonderful time singing along with your recording. Thank you.

      • I guess I never told you… I first landed on your blog after searching for “Quinault” — we’d gone to Ruby Beach (and some others) the year before and loved it. I was looking at Real Estate, trying to find something near the sea but not-too-close. Strictly hypothetical as I’d no way to fund that dream, but it led me to your writing, so I’m content.

      • Actually I did wonder about that…and who you are and where you are, although I have a better feel for those answers. It’s funny, the Olympic coastline and rainforest is one of our favorite places on earth and I fantasized, too, about having a little piece of it for ourselves. Especially around Quinault. The truth is though that we’d never be able to go frequently enough to make it worth the investment so we continue to use the Quinault Lodge and shop for specials. I’m glad you found my blog–I sometimes feel an eerie parallel between our interests and ideas. 🙂

      • Yes, you are often on a parallel track to mine! I shared your post about the dying places with several friends. You truly struck a chord. And the parrot’s grief, I posted the link in a FB group. Your ripples keep moving outward!

        Still working on just who I am, myself. When I finish this degree, I’ll get to explore that a bit more. Right now, in fluctuating order the label reads: geek/mom/student/educator/daughter.

      • I’m on my second round of figuring out just who I am. The young me seems to have been my first incarnation. This middle me is a different creature entirely…more unpredictable and prickly but I think I may wind up liking her once the dust settles. How much longer to your degree?

      • May if I stay off the internet long enough. 😉

        I’m finishing up the first draft of chapter 2 this week and then will have just one more chapter to write up — about half of the data processing is already completed for that one. That should be done over winter break, then it’s just re-writes and defending. (Just *laughs maniacally*)

        You were a lovely caterpillar, but your wings are more glorious still.

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