Looks like completed advance directives rates are low all over.

This just in from an Australian news outlet:

“The survey found that almost 90 per cent of respondents lacked an advance care plan, and 78 per cent did not know what an advance care plan was.”

In the U.S., approximately 70% don’t have an advance directive yet, which is better than 90% but…still.

Have you done yours yet?  Ours are all filled out but we still need to get them filed and distributed.

So, okay.  June is hereby declared “Finish it Up, Dammit” month.  For anyone else who started and then slacked off in the middle, feel free to join us!

2 responses

  1. Thanks for the reminder. My stack of your posts is still sitting on my desk. I have been avoiding my desk lately, carting the laptop everywhere but into the office. Hmmmm. Keep jabbing at us, please?

  2. Thanks for this post. People may not think about doing a living will or advance healthcare directive until something bad happens, at which point, it’s unfortunate action wasn’t taken sooner. I was prompted to do one after my father’s passing. Almost all states/hospitals offer a free one, Here’s a resource I just found that’s compiled them. http://www.paperwell.com/docs/contracts/Living%20Will

    I really encourage folks out there to do it because a) it saves your family stress and b) forms are quite simple. God bless and take care, everyone!

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