I hope everyone else has a nice day.

I haven’t written much here on the blog lately because I’ve been doing some transcription work.

Yesterday, I spent all my productive hours trying to finish the transcript for a ninety-minute writing class, but woke up this morning to find the Word document containing all the work had vanished.  It’s somewhere in the belly of this laptop.  I know it is…

…but I just can’t find it.  Fuck.

After an hour and a half of searching every which way but loose, I’ve finally given up and will start all over again.

This may be my only post for the week.

I love you all.  More than I can say.

Send prayers.

(the photo above is from the most excellent Device Magazine where they totally understand these things.)

5 responses

  1. I too have lost documents. In fact… the whole darn hard-drive. So sympathies to your loss. Losing a document or drive is kind of how most people view death and horrific injuries…
    they always happen to someone else.
    Get a mirror for hind sight, then back up, back up, back up!

    • You’ve experienced the major meltdown then! I’ve always lived in fear of that and usually have multiple back-ups of everything. But it was after midnight and I was tired and not thinking clearly and longing for bed. I just hit a final command/save (like I had at least twenty times during the transcribing) and figured the first sentence would be the name of the document…like it always has. But no. Not this time. God only knows where the damn thing saved to but I couldn’t find it anywhere…not even in the history. Someday it will turn up again. Just to taunt me.

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