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  1. Thank you for sharing these, Dia. I totally missed it given that the weather has been way below ideal here. The silly thing was the national weather bureau (of Taiwan) posted about this phenomena on their website with a disclaimer that went something like “This is a rare occurrence but due to bad weather conditions please watch it on TV instead.” I was completely disheartened.

    • I’ve never heard that type of instruction before! I’m sorry you had to miss it, Nel. Eclipses really are an extraordinary event, although very s.l.o.w… I didn’t see this one but I caught the last full one when I was up in the mountains. The clarity was incomparable! It was quite a gift.

  2. For once I was up and ready for this one, Dia. As a matter of fact, I kept waking up throughout the night and dashing to the window at the back of the house to make sure nothing was happening. Due to all the nasty power lines behind my house I had to head up to Federal Way where I actually got some decent shots. I was pleased with myself for a change. I posted them on FB. Don’t know if you go there or not, but if you do you can see them in one of my albums titled Lunar Eclipse or some such. It was well worht the sleepless night to see.

    • Oh, I’d love to look at them but I’m Facebook-challenged. I can get in through Cal’s Facebook page but don’t really know how to find anybody else’s. Do you have a link to yours I can use or is there a simpler way? Help me!

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