A Blogging Topic That Repels Spammers

In the eternal, unwanted, ebb and flow reality that is spamming-on-the-blog, I’ve noticed something intriguing.  Posts on my main topic of interest…Dying…repel spammers.  (These posts also, unfortunately, repel readers, but let us leave that topic for a brighter day.  Sigh.)

It is oh-so curious, no?

The pattern has just recently become clear to me.  Roughly eighty-five percent of my posts involve something I’ve learned from the dying and the longer I stay on topic, the likelier the flow of spam will trickle off and die. (No pun intended.)  But when I drift off-topic and broach subjects like Arab spring, or annoying Google advertising, or Stihl gas powered pole tree pruners, the velocity of spam immediately increases at a spanking pace.

Spanking, I tell you.

Then I return to my main focus and voila!  All I have to do is write three or more dying-related posts in a row and it crushes the burgeoning torrent of spam as efficiently as Raid on roaches.  Seriously.  It’s just that good.

Even I never dreamed the taboo on speaking about dying was this powerful; that spammers respond to it (in a second hand, traffic sniffing kind of way.)  Who would have thought anything was that strong?  A fascinating and, for once, entirely happy consequence of breaking said taboo.

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copyright Dia Osborn 2011

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