Old People Know A LOT

Photo by Diego Grez

Here’s a tiny smattering of things I learned from the elderly hospice patients I worked with…

1. how to run a table saw

2. an effective home remedy for the 1918 bird flu pandemic

3. how to trade options in the stock market

4. how to stay safe in the box car when jumping a train

5. how to celebrate a traditional Bavarian yuletide

6. the absolute necessity of paying off a home mortgage

7. how to stack dead bodies after an attack on home soil

8. how an iron lung works

9. what the bedding was made out of in a concentration camp

10. how much stronger we are than I ever, EVER imagined.

copyright Dia Osborn 2011

6 responses

  1. Yes, they do. Funny how few people give them credit for it. The first thing I do in a crisis is find somebody over a certain age and let them laugh at my trouble. They always say things like, “This too shall pass, sweetie.” And it does.

    This blog made my day.


  2. Wow,
    What a great list…and great post. Short, sweet and full. I felt like I read a book by the time I was done…new kind of speed reading.
    Good one…
    (alias hubster)

  3. Haha – that is awesome! I used to LOVE going to help out at the nursing home near my house because the older people have THE BEST stories – like ever! It is like watching a 1950s story through someones eyes and voice…incredible! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I have so many questions in my mind, thoes i hezitete to ask people all the time fearing they will not give me an adquate answers. Someting like what is life, what is realy important in life, how to live, a means of altimate plesure, what is realy good or bad and some like these ones. And i belive i could find real answers from old people. So who ever is doing this(the posting) am sure he is having a right way of living this life from the knowldge he gain from the old people. LUCKY YOU!

    • Yes. Lucky me. And just a thought…maybe don’t hesitate to ask next time. It’s true that most of the answers you receive will only answer a part of your question…but if you ask often enough, and collect enough answers, you can then someday weave them together for yourself into the wholeness of meaning you’re looking for.

      That’s something else I learned from old people. 🙂

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