Accidental photo

“Remembering Baby”

Taken in Quinault, Washington in March, 2011.  It’s funny, I didn’t even see the little, turquoise angel in the upper right corner when I was taking the shot.  I discovered it a couple weeks later, after we got home, when I was cropping the original image.  I love it when I capture surprising images like this.  They tell a much fuller story.

copyright 2011 Dia Osborn

5 responses

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  2. You have a way of seeing what the others don’t, Dia. I hope you take it as a gift most of the times, and not a cumbersome addition.

    • It sounds like you understand the dual nature of a gift, Priya. Personal experience? Mine can be both of course, as you say. But the scale comes down heaviest on the side of a blessing, for which I’m profoundly grateful.

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