Run Over By The Amish

Well, I missed my Friday deadline and may miss next Friday’s as well.   Blogging while traveling is proving far more difficult than I thought it would be.  Serious discussions about dying, assisted suicide, and the like are just going to have to wait until I have the time to treat them with the respect they deserve.

So…in the meantime.  Last night we had dinner with old friends of the hubster.  During the meal one of his friends (an avid bicyclist) told us a story of being run down by some Amish horses gone wild.  Iowa has a large population of Amish and near the communities it’s common to see their buggies tooling along on the shoulders of the highways.  The horses are used to the sounds of car traffic and have always seemed calm and well controlled whenever I’ve driven by them.

Image from Wikipedia

But while they’re fearless around cars, evidently the horses are spooked by bicycles (who knew?) so when the bicycling friend and two of his buddies rode past an Amish family in their wagon one afternoon, the horses panicked.  They threw the wagon and family of four into a ditch before doubling back and stampeding down the highway headed back for the barn.  Our friend was unlucky enough to be riding dead in their path and, because of wind noise, didn’t hear them coming up on him from behind until they ran right over the top of him!  He said one second he was peddling along, minding his own business, and the next he was waking up in a hospital with a broken ankle and numerous cuts and bruises.

Imagine his surprise to find out the exact nature of his traffic accident.  Of course now that everything’s healed he clearly enjoys telling the story and who can blame him?  You have to admit it’s a good one.  How many people can claim they’ve been run over by the Amish?

In any case I guess the moral of this story is, for the safety of everyone concerned always beware when riding your bicycles around horses.

copyright 2010 Dia Osborn

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