Well, color me surprised!

March 22, 2010

Y’know, I wasn’t expecting any visitors yet but welcome, welcome, welcome!  (How in the world did you find me anyway?  There’s nothing here to link to…talk about curious.)  I’m just moving in and the house is a mess but feel free to roam around the paragraph or two I’ve managed to hang up so far. I should be ready to entertain in a month or so if you’d like to stop back then, or leave me a calling card/link and I can return the favor.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to The Odd and Unmentionable.


One response

  1. Hi Sweetheart,
    It is so great to start seeing your work (life) on the world wide web. You continue to be my teacher, friend, lover, life companion and “wind beneath my wings”. I hope many in the world get to benefit from you at least in part, the way I have and do.
    I love you!

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