The Randomly Humorous

My chosen topic is nothing if not heavy so once in a while a little humor is in order.  Or at least an odd slant.  Here are a few escape hatches.

You mean him, dear?

But the mother of all friendships is the one that’s forged in the furnace of life.  I have an old friend like this, a woman with whom I share a level of bonding similar to that between comrades on the battlefield.  We’ve been through a lot together.

A lot.

Planking: The Organization of Random Humor

Planking, otherwise known as “The lying down game”, has evidently been around for a while but I just learned about it.  It’s totally absurd (a guaranteed hit with me) and involves lying down on one’s face in random, incongruous, often public places

Squirrels and Spring: The War Begins Anew

During the season of Long Cold I somehow forget how they laid waste to my peach harvest and bit the heads off every last sunflower and ate my bean sprouts just as they were emerging above ground and instead, I enjoy watching them hop around the porch, nosing among the fallen bird seed and coming up to peek at me through the sliding glass door.

The $3,399.28 Cat

It was from Neighbor Lady (voice also trembling uncontrollably) letting me know they were at the vet where they’d discovered that Tinkerbell had multiple broken ribs and a punctured lung, and surgery on her was going to cost about $3,000. She was sobbing into the voice messaging center that they couldn’t afford it and, if we didn’t pay for it, they were going to have to put her down.

Right Up There With the Discovery of Fire

That’s right, my friends. I’ve found something that could change the world. It may well rival the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel. You know all those baskets of extra cucumbers every year that you don’t know what to do with? Or the zucchinis that get away from you and morph into baseball bats over night? Well, I’ve discovered a way to turn them into something that’s not only edible and nutritious, it’s scrumptious.

A Tiger Penis in Spirits

Whoa. It was so not what I expected to find in an old neighborhood, clean, really friendly (and evidently quite popular with the jazz crowd) bar on a late Saturday morning in San Francisco. But there it was. A pickled tiger penis.

Solutions to Looming Challenges: A Dog’s Alternative to Nuclear Energy

From Cute Overload, here are four votes for solar power.

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